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OP Financial Group's key indicators

           Q2/2016            Q2/2015
Locations                  448                   445
Customers (thousands)4,3244,284
Online service agreements (thousands)1,6771,617
Owner-customers (thousands)1,6821,456
Contributions to Group member banks' profit shares, membership capital and supplementary cooperative capital, MEUR2,7772,378
Balance sheet total, EUR billion               127.1                116.1
Loan portfolio, EUR billion                 77.0                  73.3
Deposits, EUR bllion                 53.8                  51.2
Total assets under management (gross), EUR billion                 68.8                  66.3
Equity capital, EUR billion                  9.6                   8.4
Net interest income, MEUR528   511
Other income, MEUR989 1,025
Total income, MEUR1,517 1,537
Total expenses, MEUR779 776
Impairment losses on receivables, MEUR23 37
New accrued customer bonuses, MEUR100 96
Earnings before tax, MEUR614 627
Cost/income ratio, banking, %57.052.0
Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) ratio, % / Core Tier 119.418.1
Ratio of capital base to minimum amount of capital base (under the Act on the Supervision  of Financial and Insurance Conglomerates) 163158

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