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OP to build a new hospital network in Finland under the Pohjola brand

Press Release

OP to build a new hospital network in Finland under the Pohjola brand

OP has decided to open four new private hospitals in Finland. It will also expand to new fields of specialised medicine and occupational health. The nationwide hospital network is built under the Pohjola brand.

OP Financial Group expanded to the health and wellbeing market from the beginning of 2013 when it opened Omasairaala, its fully owned hospital in Helsinki specialising in orthopaedics.

"Omasairaala hospital was opening move in terms of health services.h There are major improvements to be made in the field in Finland. Omasairaala's service concept in which the customers are at the core and the treatment chain is a short as possible, has already had an impact on the entire sector. Our geographic expansion from Uusimaa, covering Greater Helsinki and outlying areas, to the entire country, and the inclusion of occupational health care, give a boost to OP's position as a forerunner in the health and wellbeing market," says OP's Executive Chairman Reijo Karhinen.

"The next two hospitals will be opened in Tampere and Oulu, followed by Kuopio and Turku. Once the new hospitals are ready, most of our customers will live less than two hours from our comprehensive offering of health services.

"We are a Finnish player and as a cooperative company, our aim is not to maximise profits. The decision to expand the health and wellbeing business fits our basic mission, as our focus is on promoting the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers.

"On the basis of excellent feedback from the customers and the experiences we have gained, we are now ready for go forward on a wider front. We believe that the health and wellbeing services we provide will develop into a significant new operating area alongside our traditional business areas, that is, banking, non-life insurance and wealth management," says Mr Karhinen.

Guaranteeing quick access to treatment in everyone's best interests

The greatest cost in health care treatment chains comes from compensation for loss of income: one day of illness costs an average of EUR 300 to the employer. The Omasairaala service concept has reduced treatment times, meaning that people return to normal in almost half the time compared to the sector average. This is good not only for the person involved, but also their employers, insurance companies and the entire society in the form of better productivity and longer work careers.

"Omasairaala hospital was founded to meet our customers' needs. The most important thing is to get people better and back to work as soon as possible. This is the first time that a Finnish insurer is genuinely taking care of its customers' health and wellbeing," says Omasairaala's CEO Harri Aho.

Not just orthopaedics but also other specialised fields and occupational health care

"Our operating models improves the efficiency of occupational health care and its special focal point lies in preventive occupational health care. This is an interesting model from the viewpoint of companies, as a fixed price is set for the service. This is also something where customer feedback made us react," explains Mr Aho.

Health and wellbeing services under the Pohjola brand - a new beginnig for a traditional brand

Omasairaala will change its name to Pohjola Health Ltd. The new name will be adopted in the autumn of 2015, and the logo will be the old Pohjola bear's paw.

"Utilising Pohjola's successful and well-known brand in the health and wellbeing business is a logical continuation to a story in which Pohjola has been focusing on promoting the safety and wellbeing of its customers for over a century. The Pohjola Health brand is a close to the people, reliable and reflects basic Finnish values," says Mr Karhinen.

For more information:
Omasairaala Oy, CEO Harri Aho, tel. +358 (0)400 783 777

Interview requests:
OP's media contacts, tel. +358 (0)50 523 9904 (working days 9.00 am-4.30 pm), and email, viestinta@op.fi.

Press conference today in Pori:

For more information on the expansion of health and wellbeing services, there will be a press conference today on 10 November at 3 pm at the opening of the OP-Pohjola Week at Länsi-Suomen OP, address Mikonkatu 4 c, 28100 Pori (entrance through Mikonkatu, take the lift to the 3rd floor).

OP's Executive Chairman Reijo Karhinen will be present, along with Länsi-Suomen OP's Managing Director Simo Kauppi and Omasairaala's CEO Harri Aho.

If you happen to be in Rauma, you can participate at Länsi-Suomen Osuuspankki's conference room in Kauppakatu, entrance through Nortamonkatu 16., 2nd floor.

OP-Pohjola Group is Finland's leading financial services group providing a unique range of banking, investment and insurance services. The Group's mission is to promote the prosperity, well-being and security of its customer-owners, customers and operating regions through its local presence. Its objective is to offer the best and most versatile package of loyal customer benefits on the market. OP-Pohjola Group consists of about 180 member cooperative banks, its central institution OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative, and the latter's subsidiaries and affiliates. The Group has a staff of 12,000.

Omasairaala is private day-surgery hospital in Helsinki that specialises in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is owned by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. Read more at www.omasairaala.fi.


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