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Report phishing or their attempts immediately

If you suspect that your personal user identifiers have fallen into the hands of an unauthorised party, deactivate your user identifiers for OP eServices immediately by calling OP 0100 0500 telephone service (weekdays from 8 am until 10 pm, local network charge/mobile charge). Outside the telephone service hours, deactivate your user identifiers by calling the deactivation service, tel. +358 20 333 (24/7).  Also report to the telephone service when it is open again. 

Send the following information to tietoturvailmoitukset(a)

  • Suspicious emails that look like they have been sent in the name of OP Financial Group and that ask you to go to the bank's site via a link or to give your personal user identifiers for OP eServices or your personal ID code. Do not click any links in your email and delete the email after you have sent it to us.

  • Print screens and source codes if you have noticed an unusual view or a suspicious message on OP eServices. 

Enter your name, contact information and your bank's name (eg OP Helsinki) in your email. We will not reply directly to messages sent to the email address above, but will investigate your case after you have also reported to OP 0100 0500 or your OP Financial Group cooperative bank.

Instructions of how to take a print screen and get a source code and send them by email

Take a print screen using the PrtScr-, PrintScrn- or PrintScreen key, which can usually be found on the top right of the keyboard.

  1. When you see an image on your screen that you want to send, press PrintScreen.

  2. Create an email that you will send.

  3. Right-click your mouse and select Paste or alternatively press Ctrl + V (the image should now be visible in your email).

  4. Send your email to tietoturvailmoitukset(a)

Steps to how to get a source code

  • Firefox: Right-click your mouse on the page and select "View Page Source" or "Näytä lähdekoodi" from the menu. File > Save Page As or Tiedosto >Tallenna nimellä > Name the file with a txt extension.

  • Internet Explorer: Right-click your mouse on the page and select "View Source" > Save HTML Source > Name the file with a txt extension.

  • Attach the saved file to your email and send it to tietoturvailmoitukset(a)


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