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Keep your equipment secure

You have access to OP eServices using, for example, a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Using OP eServices is safe and secure, provided that you ensure that your equipment has no malware, has the latest updates and securities features. 

Tips to protect against phishing
  • Go to OP eServices by entering the address of or in the browser's address bar. Do not go to OP eServices via links or search engines.

  • Do not hand over your user identifiers to anyone, not even to your family members. Keep your user identifiers safe because they are your ID on the internet. They enable you to conduct personal affairs on the online services of numerous officials and authorities. An authority or the bank will never ask you to give your personal online bank user identifiers by phone, email or via SMS.

  • Make sure that the data security of the computers or other equipment you use to access OP eServices is up to date. The firewall and antivirus software and the operating system of the equipment must be kept up to date and the latest versions of software used for browsing the internet must be downloaded. As the banks are responsible for the data security of the customer terminals in the lobbies of OP Financial Group, you can be assured of their security.

  • Be watchful and alert if the service's view is unusual or you are asked for key codes more often than once when you log in, for example. Please note that OP eServices will never ask for more than one key code at a time.

  • Give us your mobile phone number in order to adopt the further confirmation service, if you have not yet done so. We send a request for further confirmation of some payments made on OP eServices. Check with the SMS message you have received from us that the payment information is certainly correct before you accept the payment at

  • Do not open strange email messages. Delete any suspicious messages without opening them even if they seem to have been delivered by a familiar sender. OP Financial Group will never ask you to click on an email link to move to OP eServices or request your personal user identifiers via email.

  • Set withdrawal and spending limits for your accounts and cards. In this way, you make sure that it will not be possible to transfer or withdraw amounts exceeding the limit during one day.

  • If your equipment shows any signs of malware, you may not use your personal user identifiers. Whenever necessary, you must go to an expert who will disinfect it.


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