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Security features of OP eServices

The security features of OP eServices have been designed to prevent cybercrime. When you are online, you can see some of these features while some are invisible. Please read how the security features function and learn to use them.

Your connection to OP eServices is protected

OP eServices is protected by an SSL security protocol. It encrypts data sent across the network in such a way that no unauthorised party can see your confidential information. That the URL begins with https is an indication of encrypted connection. A green EV certificate shown in the address bar is part of encryption. The certificate granted by VeriSign makes you rest assured that you are on the correct OP online service site maintained by OP Osuuskunta, as the certificate indicates the address of or


When you login to the service, check that
  • your name appears in the Login section in the top right corner of the page and the Log out button is shown below it.

  • your latest login is shown correctly on the service front page.

Changing one-time key code helps keep your money safe

Your user identifiers for OP eServices consist of the following three components: username, password and changing key code. When you login to the service or confirm payments, for example, the service asks you to type a key code on the list of changing key codes in random order. This means that no other person can access to your money without a correct key code.

We send you an SMS for checking some of your payments

Further payment confirmation on OP eServices provides additional protection against malware. Accordingly, we will send you an SMS from which you can check whether the payment data transferred to the bank is definitely correct. We will send an SMS only for some payments. Your account will not be debited until you have confirmed the payment on OP eServices using a key code appearing from the SMS.

Set withdrawal/spending limits for accounts and cards

Spending and withdrawal limits will help you protect your funds if your card or other payment instruments fall into the hands of an unauthorised person.
You may set various limits for accounts and cards, such as a limit on the maximum single withdrawal/spending or the maximum daily total of withdrawals.


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