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Business names beginning with Pohjola now begin with OP


On 4 April 2016, our business names beginning with Pohjola changed to begin with OP. All OP Financial Group's business lines - Banking, Non-life Insurance, and Wealth Management - now appear under the OP brand.

The Group's Supervisory Board made a decision in principle related to the name changes of the OP brand, which were announced on 6 October 2014. The name changes will support the creation of a more integrated financial services group owned by its customers. Behind the name - OP - lies the story of the merger between a cooperative bank (the Finnish prefix meaning cooperative begins with an 'O') and the insurance provider Pohjola (P).

Pohjola Bank plc is now OP Corporate Bank plc and Pohjola Insurance Ltd is OP Insurance Ltd. Pohjola Asset Management Ltd's new name is OP Asset Management Ltd and Pohjola Property Management Ltd became OP Property Management Ltd.

As part of this renaming, Pohjola's website will also change. The services on the website will gradually be transferred as part of under redesign and Pohjola's old website will be removed while the redesign moves on. We will issue more detailed information on our website redesign.

As a rule, the business name changes will not require any action on the part of customers and will not change customer relationships. If any actions are required, OP will contact its customers.

Pohjola as a name will remain in OP Financial Group

Pohjola will continue to be an integral part of OP as OP's health and wellbeing business expands. Omasairaala Oy will officially be renamed Pohjola Health Ltd in August. From August 2016, the hospitals in Helsinki and Tampere owned by OP Financial Group will operate under the name of Pohjola Sairaala (Pohjola Hospital).


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