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Get more out of your wallet

Pivo is a smart wallet on your smartphone. It stores all your important banking information, payment and loyalty cards and favourite shops and their special offers. Pivo helps you be in control of your daily spending so you'll know what you can afford.

Download a free Pivo on your phone:

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Pivo is available to iPhone, Android and Windows Phone smartphones. Pivo works with personal user identifiers for OP eServices.


You pay your friend easily with Pivo

Now you can pay your friend for your share of a dinner or any other amount more easily than before when you can do it right away with Pivo. You need only a phone number to make the payment, with no account numbers or personal online bank user identifiers needed. Designed for all banks' customers, this feature operates on the most common smartphones (Android, Windows and iPhone). Money transferred with Pivo is free of charge.

Utilise your benefits!

Pivo also includes your loyalty benefits. You can monitor your benefits, such as OP bonuses and banking and insurance discounts.

In Pivo you can also find close-by shops and services as well as various benefits and offers of merchants.


Pivo is now the handiest payment instrument in the world

Make purchases simply by swiping your phone! Pivo is now accepted as a payment instrument in all stores with a contactless-enabled payment terminal.

Pivo's payment feature is available for all Android phones supporting NFC. To be able to pay with your Pivo app, you need to have an OP-Visa Debit Mobile card activated on Pivo. Customers who are at least 18 years old and already have one of OP's debit cards, OP-Visa combination card or OP-Visa Electron, can order an OP-Visa Debit Mobile card on Pivo using their OP online user identifiers.

You can also accrue K-Plussa points when paying on Pivo. The K-Plussa card needs to be added to the OP-Visa Debit Mobile card on Pivo. You can accrue K-Plussa points on purchases paid on Pivo in the same way as on purchases with contactless cards: the first tap on the contactless-enabled payment terminal registers your K-Plussa card and the second tap makes the payment.


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