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Insurance savings

Insurance policies are suitable as saving instruments when you are saving for a long-term target. You can choose the investment objects for assets within the insurance policy from a wide range of mutual funds.

Alternatives for insurance investment objects are available for every saver and investor. The selected investment objects can be later changed easily and with no limit.

  • An OP investment insurance policy means that your savings will be invested in mutual funds of your choice.

  • The investment objects of OP pension insurance also include mutual funds. Pension insurance has been developed particularly for the purpose of preparing for your own retirement.

You can change the investment objects of your insurance policies with no limit during the savings period. This means that savings and investment insurance policies are good types of investment also for savers and investors who monitor market development more actively. Furthermore, insurance savings are associated with certain tax benefits in Finland. For example, any increase in the value of your investment will only be taxed once the savings are withdrawn from the insurance policy.

Saving for your family members

Savings and investment insurance policies are also well suited for the purpose of saving for another person. An insurance policy compiles your savings into an entity that is easy to manage, for example, when grandparents want to jointly save money for a grandchild.

Saving for your retirement

A pension insurance policy is intended to supplement your pension cover. Pension saving is long-term saving for one's own retirement, associated with tax benefits and therefore the assets are bound. Pension savings may not be withdrawn at any time, but OP pension insurance will be flexible in certain unexpected situations.

Savings period to be agreed when you take out insurance

When entering into an insurance contract, you will agree on the validity period of the insurance policy. The period can be very long, because you can withdraw some or all of the assets accumulated in a savings or investment insurance policy even during the contract period. The longer you save, the better returns you will receive.


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