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Mutual fund savings

When investing in mutual funds, small amounts of money provide you with the benefits of large-scale investors, as the assets of the fund will always be diversified across several investments. In practice, a single investment will provide you with shares or interest-bearing securities issued by tens of different companies. You can cash in your investments whenever required.

Good returns outlook or small risk?

The rule of thumb with mutual fund investments is that the higher the expected returns, the higher the risk. You can have an influence on the risk through the investment period and diversification of your investments.

The longer the period for which you can invest, the more risky fund you can choose. When you have good time to follow the development of the fund, you can withdraw your savings whenever you receive the best return.

Diversification of your savings between several funds will reduce the risk of loss, as your savings will not be dependent on the development of one single fund.

Fixed income, equity or combination fund?

Mutual funds are divided into fixed income funds, combination funds and equity funds on the basis of their choice of investment. The investment objects also affect the risk: the development of funds investing in the fixed income market is more stable than that of funds investing in the equity market.

  • Fixed income funds invest their assets in interest-bearing instruments, offering more stable returns than funds investing in the equity market.

  • Combination funds invest their assets in both equities and interest-bearing instruments, allowing the focus of the investments to be varied in accordance with market conditions.

  • Equity funds primarily invest their assets in the shares of listed companies. A higher level of risk is compensated for with higher return expectations.

Make a one-time investment or regular savings

You can save in mutual funds by making a one-time investment or entering into an agreement on continuous mutual fund savings.  In continuous mutual fund savings, the amount you wish will automatically be transferred to a mutual fund of your choice once a month.

Alternatives for every saver and investor

Our range of mutual funds is extensive, with alternatives available for return-seeking as well as risk-avoiding customers. Learn about the alternatives from product brochures or contact your nearest member bank. Our experts will gladly provide you with more information.


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