The biggest accident is not living

An insurance company will obviously not take anyone mountain climbing or even to Pilates. However, it does give the feeling and knowledge of financial security, just in case. And THAT is the mission of an insurance company. To enable living. Because everything can be replaced. Except life.



New name, same familiar services

When our name changes to Pohjola Insurance, all of our policies and services will still remain the same. As our customer, you won’t have to do a thing.


Take the #EläSe 24H challenge!

What would you regret if your life were to end tomorrow? We want to challenge people to think about their lives and the choices they make each day. That’s why we’re challenging the whole of Finland to take the #EläSe 24H challenge!

In the #EläSe 24H challenge, you have 24 hours to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Think about something you’d regret not accomplishing if you could no longer do it tomorrow, and do it NOW.

How to take the challenge:

  1. Share what you’re planning on doing on Facebook and/or Instagram. Live the challenge and tag your post with @pohjolavakuutus and #EläSe
  2. Challenge 3 of your friends.
  3. Each week, the most inspiring action tagged with #EläSe will receive a prize.

Please remember to set your post or profile public in order for us to be able to see your action and give you credit.

The important thing is not what you do, but why you do it! Big or small, what matters is that you’ve challenged yourself to do something that you consider important.

#EläSe #PohjolaVakuutus

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