Familiar services at Pohjola Insurance

Our name has changed, but all our familiar services remain the same. As before, you can handle your insurance matters in the op.fi service and on OP-mobile, or by contacting our customer service.

Get in the swing of dancing

This autumn, too, the celerity dance couples of Dancing with the Stars take a step outside their comfort zone and fulfil their dreams. Pohjola Insurance is getting its groove on as the main partner.

Markku and Johannes

Best buddies Markku and Johannes find themselves reborn time and again as different animals. In their new incarnations, they have time to look back at their lives and everything they missed out on experiencing.

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What do we Finns dream of?

Many of us have plans and dreams that we have not yet had the chance to live out. We investigated the habits and dreams of Finns and what we wish out of life. Source: Kantar TNS Oy, Mind kuluttajat 2018 survey.

The biggest accident is not living

An insurance company will obviously not take anyone mountain climbing or even to Pilates. However, it does give the feeling and knowledge of financial security, just in case. And THAT is the mission of an insurance company. To enable living. Because everything can be replaced. Except life.