Deactivation service and emergency numbers for insurance

Deactivation service for bank or credit cards

If your card or PIN is lost or stolen, call the deactivation service right away

  • Deactivate your card by calling the OP Deactivation Service at +358 100 0555 and your user identifiers for OP eServices at +358 20 333

Emergencies related to motor vehicle damage

If your journey is interrupted to a failure of or damage to your car, please call:

Serious injuries and illnesses during a journey abroad

  • Pohjola Travel Emergency Service +358 (0)10 253 0011 (24/7)
  • At Pohjola Claim Help can find the nearest reliable doctor or hospital in your destination and instructions for various situations of loss or damage.

  • The contact details of the Euro-Center nearest your destination will be on Euro-Center's website.

Number beginning with 0100

  • the charge is the same as for normal local calls or domestic mobile call charge as specified in your telephone service provider's price list

Number beginning with 0303

  • from domestic mobile subscriptions €0.0835 per call + €0.12 per minute (VAT included)
  • from landline network €0.0835 per call + €0.12 per minute (VAT included)

Number beginning with 010

  • from landline network and domestic mobile subscriptions €0.0835 per call + €0.167 per minute (VAT included)

Telephone service for statutory insurance

  • from domestic landline network: local call charge; from mobile subscriptions: mobile call rate charged by teleoperators