Use of cookies and online identifiers

Frequently asked questions

Why am I constantly asked about cookies? Is my choice not remembered?

Your browser saves your cookie settings when you visit OP Financial Group’s public websites. Necessary cookies are valid for 6 months and other types of cookies for 12 months. You may be asked again about cookies before this if

  • you delete cookies when clearing your browser’s history
  • you use a different browser
  • you use the browser in private (incognito) mode, in which case your browser will not store cookies.

How long will my cookie settings remain valid?

If you’ve only allowed necessary cookies, we’ll ask for your consent again after six (6) months. Your other cookie settings will remain valid for 12 months.

If you clear cookies from the browser, we’ll ask for your consent again the next time you visit our website.

If you use different browsers, each may have their own cookie settings and, as a result, different periods of validity.

I use the service as both a private and corporate customer. Can I make role-specific cookie choices?

On public websites cookie consents are tied to the browser. When you log into the service, consents are always tied to a natural person, not to the company. As a result, it’s not possible to make company- or role-specific cookie choices.

Where are cookies settings saved?

When visiting OP Financial Group’s public websites, your cookie settings are saved in your browser.

When you’re logged in, your cookie settings are saved in your customer information. If you log into the service during the same session and within 15 minutes, the cookie choices you made on the public website will also be saved in your customer information.

Your cookie settings are used for the service and all its subsites as well as on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile. If necessary, we’ll ask for your consent to cookies when you visit these sites.

OP Financial Group’s websites that aren't subsites of have their own cookie settings. Your consent to the use of cookies and web analytics is requested separately on these sites.

Where is data collected using cookies and web analytics saved?

Cookie and web analytics data is saved primarily on the user’s device. This data can be collected for and utilised in also OP Financial Group’s customer data files, data warehouses and campaign and newsletter registers.

Who gets access to the data collected about me?

The data collected using cookies and different tools are owned by OP Financial Group’s data controllers and can only be accessed by OP. Our partners act as processors of the data for and on behalf of OP and don’t use the data for their own purposes.

We can only disclose data to third parties with consent obtained through marketing cookies. Third parties are responsible for the use of such data as joint controllers with OP or as independent controllers in accordance with their own privacy policies.

As a responsible service provider, we are committed to protecting your privacy in compliance with data protection legislation.

Why can’t I forbid the collection of web analytics data?

With the help of web analytics, we make sure that our services function properly and flawlessly and meet our customers’ needs. This data is not used for profiling purposes or marketing without the customer’s consent.

Legislation doesn’t require consent when cookies are used to offer a requested service, that is, a digital service that the customer has adopted.

Please note that and its subpages do not include a functionality that permits observing Do Not Track requests by web browsers. If you wish to disable web analytics and cookies completely, you can only do so by changing your browser settings. For more information, see the instructions concerning your browser.

Why am I shown targeted content even though I haven’t allowed targeting cookies?

Even if you haven’t allowed targeting cookies, you may still see OP’s advertisements during a targeted campaign launched on the basis of data collected earlier. Your new cookie settings won’t affect already launched campaigns, and you can see this kind of advertisements in our partners’ channels in general for 30 days from the cancelling of your consent.

We may display you targeted non-marketing content even if you haven’t accepted targeting cookies if it’s relevant for the providing of the service. In this way, we can ensure that you’ll get access to all our services in the best possible way.

You may see targeted content on OP-mobile and OP Business mobile if you’re using an older version of the app.’s and mobile apps’ common cookie settings are valid from the OP-mobile version 31.0 and the OP Business mobile version 15.0. When updating your mobile app, the cookie consent you’ve given at will be acknowledged by the mobile app.

Why do we ask for our customers’ consent to using cookies?

As a responsible service provider, we want to be transparent with our customers about the use of cookies and online identifiers on OP Financial Group’s services.

By requesting consent to the use of cookies we increase our customers’ possibilities to influence what data we can collect about them and for what purposes we can use this data. For example, we don’t use data collected about a customer for targeting and marketing purposes without the customer’s consent.

OP Financial Group’s cookie practices and requests for consent to the use of cookies comply with the relevant legislation and the guidelines and resolutions issued by the authorities. In particular, we observe the following:

How can I edit my cookie settings?

You can edit your cookie setting at When logged in, a private customer’s cookie settings can also be found in Oma profiili (My profile). When logged in, a corporate customer’s cookie settings can be edited at

OP’s other sites have their own cookie consent pages.

Are cookie choices user-specific?

On public websites cookie choices are browser-specific. If several persons use the same device and browser, the cookie choices made by a single user will also apply to other users, unless the cookies are cleared from the browser after use.

The consent of a user logged into the online service is user-specific. If you consent to cookies in your browser on a public website and then log into the service during the same session and within 15 minutes, your cookie settings for the public website will be saved also in your customer information.

Where can I view the data collected about me?

You can view the key information related to your customer relationship in Oma profiili (My profile) at In Oma profiili (My profile), you can also request the data saved about you to yourself and save the data in both PDF and XML formats on your own computer or other device.

If you wish to get the data as a paper printout, please visit an OP cooperative bank branch. In certain cases, we also provide the opportunity to view one’s data in our branch. Exercising the right of access is, as a rule, free of charge to you, and you don’t need to justify your request.