Add K-Plussa to your card free of charge

Collect Plussa points with your OP card! Add K-Plussa to your card now free of charge.

Reduce the number of cards in your wallet by adding the Plussa feature to your OP card. Getting Plussa points and benefits of the K-Plussa network as well as making payments can all be done with a single card. 

Add K-Plussa to your card

You can add the Plussa feature free of charge to all our OP-Visa cards with credit facility (OP-Visa Credit/Debit, Gold or Platinum), OP’s debit cards (OP-Visa Debit and OP-Visa Basic) and OP Duo.

Adding Plussa to your card will not change its other features and customer data will still be stored separately, even when the card has multiple features.

When you order a new card with the Plussa feature, it will have the same PIN and card number as your old card. The card’s period of validity and verification code (CVC) shown on the card will change.

Do you want to change your card’s appearance? You can change your card’s colour for free when you add the Plussa feature to your card.

How to add the Plussa feature to your card

  1. Log into op.fi (in Finnish) and go to Rahat (Money) – Omat kortit (My cards).
  2. Choose the card to which you wish to add the feature
  3. Beside“K-Plussa, select Liitä (Link)
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Done! Your card will be delivered to your home address or to a branch, depending on your selection

You can also apply for K-Plussa Maksuaika

The K-Plussa Maksuaika is a credit card available for customers of all banks. It is an international charge and credit card developed together with the K-Group and with the Plussa feature included. The K-Plussa Maksuaika is issued by OP Retail Customers Plc.

Read more about the K-Plussa Maksuaika

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