New designs of OP Visa cards

  • Now you can choose a new design for your OP Visa card.
  • From now on, the card is vertical. Card details can now be found on the back of the card.
  • The design of the card makes it easier for people who are blind or have low vision to use the card.
  • New cards have been made ecologically of reprocessed plastic.

Choose a card design from among various options

Every OP Visa card has a default design and you can also choose some of the options for all Visa cards.

OP Basic


For all Visa cards

OP Debit

Pearly white

For all Visa cards

OP Classic

Dark grey

For all Visa cards

OP Gold


Only for OP Gold

OP Platinum


Only for OP Platinum

Designs available to choose freely for all cards


Rose gold

Milky Way

Northern lights

How can I get a card with a new design?

You have an OP Visa card and you’d like to change to a new design

You can change your card’s design on the service. The change is subject to a charge specified in the list of service charges and fees.

If you have got a message of your card’s renewal, you can change the design of your card free of charge.

You’re applying for a new card

You can freely choose your new OP Visa card’s design from among the new design options, free of charge. If you don’t make a choice, the card will have a default design.

Your existing card has no K-Plussa feature

You can add the K-Plussa feature for your card. When you add the K-Plussa feature for your card for the first time, you can at the same time change your card’s design free of charge. The new card will be delivered within around two weeks from the order date.

The cardholder’s name, card number, CVC (the card’s security code) and the card’s expiry date can be found on the back of the vertical card.  All OP cards will have the contactless payment feature. 
The phone’s camera as a rule recognises the card’s number but this, however, depends on the phone’s model, app or lighting, among other things.
A PVC plastic is used in manufacturing the new cards. At least 80% of the plastic used in manufacturing the cards is recycled. Recycled PVC is a durable material with which we can guarantee that the cards will be long-lasting in daily situations. Certified and/or eco-labelled paper is used in envelopes, cover letters and card holders, meaning that paper is largely recycled or comes from certified forests.
A special notch cut has been added to the top of the card improving ease of use. It helps, for example, people who are blind or have low vision to know or more elderly customers to remember which way around the card should be inserted to the payment terminal.
The card is now vertical and its silver colour has remained the same. Changing the OP Visa Business Debit card design is not possible.


The card is issued by OP Retail Customers plc.