Vaari juttelee lapsenlapselleen videoyhteyden välityksellä

Banking services in exceptional situation

Help with banking transactions is available at your fingertips despite physical distancing. You can manage your daily banking at home by yourself or with our help – we’re at your service. We have compiled information on our digital services, payments and services for those in need of special support.

Digital services


Use your OP credentials and manage your banking easily at or on mobile. Read about the available options and use the service that suits you best.



Make your payments conveniently at home. Choose the best way for you to pay bills, and if you don’t already have a payment card, now is a good time to start using one. You can withdraw cash with your card from ATMs and at the checkouts of certain retail chains. Using your card or OP’s credentials, you can order food and other purchases online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Siirto payment enables you to transfer money to a friend or family member conveniently with just their phone number.

People in need for special support


We want to ensure that those in need of special support can do their banking transactions easily in the prevailing exceptional situation too. Those in need of special support include people aged over 70 years, people with intellectual disabilities and people under legal guardianship who are not users of OP eServices or have no payment card. If you need help with your banking transactions, you can, for example, give a trustworthy friend or family member access right to your account.