Money gifts are always welcomed

Year after year, money is one of the most requested gifts. The range of money gift options available today is broad, and instead of bills you could consider giving money in a more modern form.

Deposit a money gift on an account

The fastest way of giving money as a gift is simply by means of a phone number on OP-mobile or with the Siirto payment on Pivo. You can congratulate the graduate in the transfer’s message field. You don’t need the receiver’s bank or account details, and the money will be immediately on the receiver’s account even if the account were with another bank. Please note that the recipient needs to have enabled Siirto payments.

If you know the recipient’s bank account number, you can also send the money by means of a credit transfer. Don’t hesitate to ask for the recipient’s bank account number when you wish to give money with a credit transfer.

Mutual funds as a gift

A mutual fund gift is a flexible and convenient option. In practice, you will send a sum of money to the recipient by means of a credit transfer, for example, and state in the message that the money is to be used for investing in funds. The recipient then visits a bank to select the fund where the money will be invested. You can encourage regular saving by giving a mutual fund gift on special days such as birthdays.

Shares as a gift

If you want to give shares, you should pick the share based on the recipient’s interests. Shares in an interesting company may inspire the recipient to learn more about the world of investing.

The recipient must have a book-entry account for keeping the shares. If the recipient doesn’t yet have such an account, he/she must open it. OP’s customers can open a book-entry account easily on OP eServices. In practice, then, you’ll buy the share for yourself and donate it to the recipient’s book-entry account. For this, a deed of gift will be prepared between the donor and the recipient or the minor recipient’s legal guardian.

It’s not possible to buy a share in someone else’s name, so a share is not exactly suitable as a surprise gift.

ASP deposit as a gift

Is the recipient saving for a home? One good gift option is a deposit on the recipient’s ASP account, which will help make his/her home savings grow.

Unit-linked insurance as a gift

You can also give a unit-linked insurance as a gift. You will then take out the insurance in your name and mark the recipient as the beneficiary. Alternatively, you can take out a unit-linked insurance with a power of attorney, directly in the recipient’s name.

Give a piece of Finnish OP as a present

OP owner-customer membership is a valuable and unconventional gift that keeps on giving. You can transfer the necessary amount easily, for example on OP-mobile or with the Siirto payment on Pivo. Congratulate the graduate in the transfer’s message field and explain that the money is meant for an OP owner-customer membership.

An owner-customer membership includes numerous benefits and it also entitles you to contribute to the decision-making of your local cooperative bank and to take part in developing the bank and its services.