In my own hands – now is the time for change in everyday life

We in Finland are masters of our prosperity and wellbeing. Right now, all our choices have an effect on how our horizon seems. By buying local food, clothes, goods and services we ensure that our everyday life runs smoothly and we have common good to share. If ever, it is now time to take the future into one’s own hands.

New everyday life in payments with us is safe, secure, easy and flexible. Start now using tools for touch-free payment.  These include our mobile app OP-mobile and Pivo, our payment cards and service. These tools enable you to ensure that as diverse as possible payment services are available to you.



Our modern services contribute to your daily life. Learn more about Siirto payment and our new services My financial balance and OP Multi-bank Service.

Pivo - Siirto
Siirto payment
The Siirto payment enables you to pay conveniently your friend and easily in the webshop simply with a phone number. Learn more and activate Siirto!
My financial balance
How much do you spend on necessities, how much on fun? Any money left over for savings? Check your financial situation on OP-mobile!
OP Multi-bank Service
View your payment accounts with another bank easily and securely on OP-mobile and the service.