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How can I log in? Where can I make a new payment? Read our answers to frequently asked questions about using

This is how the menu works

  • Login and Logout are located on the top right corner. If you log in (in Finnish or Swedish), you’ll be able to do your personal banking and insurance transactions.

  • The main menu is at the top of the page. Use it to access the various themes and pages.

  • If you're logged in (in Finnish or Swedish), select your name at the top of the page and you'll find useful links (to replacing a key code list, other identifiers, services related to managing your personal data and more).

  • Use the OP logo on the top left corner to go back to the homepage.

  • If you don't log in, the menu is almost identical but it shows information on products and services.

See frequently asked questions

How to log into

Login and Logout are always on the right top corner. 


Kirjautumisen löydät ylimmältä riviltä, oikeasta reunasta.

On a mobile phone or a tablet, you'll see just a lock icon and not the text Login or Logout. You'll see only the lock icon on your computer, too, if you have increased the text size on your browser.

How to pay bills – New payment on

To pay bills, log into (in Finnish or Swedish). After login, you'll find the Uusi maksu (new payment) link as follows:

1. On the opening page Päivittäiset raha-asiat (daily banking), you'll see the usi maksu (new payment).

2. Alternatively, go to the Rahat (money) menu on the top and select Uusi maksu (new payment). You can access the Rahat menu on any page.

How to find account transactions and transactions feed

The transactions feed shows your account's transactions, payments and e-invoices. 

Log into (in Finnish or Swedish). The opening page shows your daily banking (Päivittäiset raha-asiat). Click or tap the name of your account to see its transactions feed.

Alternatively, go to the Rahat (money) menu on the top and select Tapahtumavirta (transactions feed).

Log into (in Finnish or Swedish). To find the messages sent to you, go to the top right corner, next to your name. The messages are also available on OP-mobile (available in English), under More. Read the messages regularly to keep up with key banking and insurance developments that concern you.

Where can I send an e-invoice? Where is file transfer?

If you don't have the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions and want to send an e-invoice or use file transfer, go to the Rahat (money) menu and select Yrittäjän palvelut (services for entrepreneurs).


Yrittäjän palvelut löytyy Rahat-valikosta

If you have the Corporate Agreement for Digital Transactions, switch your customer role (representation) to corporate customer when you want to manage your company's transactions. To switch your role, select your name on the top left corner.

How to switch your role to access personal or various corporate services

In the service, you can manage several companies' transactions but also your personal banking and insurance transactions. To switch your role, click or tap your current customer role (representation) shown at the top left. If you see your name there, you're in your personal services. Click or tap your name to access the services of a company you represent.

Asiointiroolin voi vaihtaa yläosan valikosta, vasemmasta laidasta