Notifications on OP-mobile

Notifications improve your security and bring you peace of mind. Did you know that you can set up your phone to give you a real-time notification when, for example, payments are made to or from your account or you receive a new e-invoice?

Enable OP-mobile notifications and avoid surprises

With OP-mobile notifications, you will immediately find out when card payments fail, your account limit is exceeded or you receive a new e-invoice. This allows you to react to the situation quickly and avoid potential extra costs.

Real-time notifications also help you notice if your account is being misused. This brings you peace of mind if your card goes missing or is stolen, for example.

The notifications will arrive in real-time regardless of time of day or time zone. Using your phone’s settings, you can easily restrict the notifications so that they don’t arrive, for example, at night.

How to enable notifications

You choose which notifications you want to receive

When you enable notifications, you will find out when, for example

  • your card payment fails,
  • your account limit is exceeded,
  • you receive an e-invoice that requires approval
  • your account has insufficient funds to cover the confirmed payment on the due date.

You can also choose to receive notifications specific to an account or card. You can receive a notification for

  • a payment made from your account,
  • a payment made to your account,
  • preauthorisation on a card.

You can choose to receive notifications from any accounts and cards you have access rights to. Notifications allow you to track not only your own accounts and cards but also shared accounts and, for example, your child’s card use.

You will also receive notifications about changes in share prices and equity research, if you have ordered them for a specific share.

You can customise notifications from your phone settings 

The notifications are enabled through OP-mobile, but you can use your phone settings to choose when they arrive, the sound they make and how much information is shown on the lock screen. This allows you to, for example, restrict visibility so that outsiders cannot see notifications that contain sensitive information. You can also mute your phone or put it on do not disturb mode.

You can get additional information by tapping the notification

When you receive a notification, tap it and log into OP-mobile, and you will get additional information.

  • Push notifications are notifications that you receive in real-time on the screen of your mobile device.
  • You can receive push notifications on any mobile device such as phone, tablet and smartwatch.
  • You can receive notifications only if you use your phone settings to give OP-mobile permission to send you notifications. 
  • Notifications can be enabled from OP-mobile’s settings but they are managed through your phone settings. 
  • Your phone settings allow you to choose when you receive notifications, notification sounds and how much information shows on the lock screen.
Notifications are a secure way to receive information about your finances. OP-mobile notifications always originate from OP-mobile, and other parties, like scammers, cannot send messages through the application. The push notifications sent by OP-mobile always include the OP logo and name the sender as OP-mobile. 
Real-time notifications also help you notice if your account is being misused.

You can receive notifications in Finnish, Swedish or English depending on the language of your OP-mobile application.