OP Junior

OP Junior

Banking app for kids

OP Junior is our mobile app for children and young people between 7 and 14 years. It helps kids to learn to follow and understand their spending. With a clear design, OP Junior includes features that kids need.

Helps to keep track of spending

OP Junior shows the kid's payment card's balance and helps them understand what they spend. Kids can easily check their bank account balance on their phone – without a visit to the ATM or their parents' help. OP Junior doesn’t include any commercial content such as benefits or offers.

Parents can follow their kid's spending

As a parent, you can easily follow your kid's spending on your OP-mobile. Note that if you don't have OP-mobile, your kid can still start using OP Junior.

Download OP Junior

Download OP Junior for free to the kid's smart device from the app store.

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Activate OP Junior together with your kid

OP Junior is available to iPhone and Android phones. The use of OP Junior requires the following:

  • The kid needs to have an OP account, and either an OP-Visa Basic or OP-Visa Electron payment card linked to the account.
  • The parent needs to have a user ID for OP's digital services. Activating OP Junior requires the parent's user ID, but the kid doesn't need to have a personal user ID.

How to activate OP Junior

  1. Download OP Junior to the kid's phone from the app store.
  2. On first login, enter the parent's user ID for OP's digital services. OP Junior will guide you through the activation.
  3. After activation, the kid can log in with a four-digit access code that they have selected themselves.

OP Junior is ready for use!