Horse Insurance

Cover for horses and ponies

Horse Insurance gives you access to the FirstVet remote veterinary service

By including medical treatment expenses insurance with cover for veterinary expenses in your Pohjola Horse Insurance, you get free access to the FirstVet remote veterinarian consultations.

What is the FirstVet remote veterinary service?

The FirstVet service provides you with unlimited access to remote veterinarian consultations for any concerns you may have about your horse’s health. The consultations are conducted virtually through a video call. Through the video call, the veterinarian can assess the horse’s state of health and, if necessary, refer you to the appropriate treatment. If no treatment is necessary, you will receive instructions for home care from the FirstVet veterinarian.

The benefit is valid until further notice.

This is how the service works:

1. Create an account and download the application once you have purchased an insurance for your horse. This way, you always have a vet on hand.

2. If the horse falls ill or is injured, contact veterinary services through FirstVet first.

3. The vet will provide you with instructions and is able to recommend an appointment to vet services.

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Ensure good and quick treatment

Horse insurance covers veterinary expenses and also ensures the best possible treatment.


Horse insurance for your needs

Modify your horse insurance to your needs by choosing the coverage and deductible of your choice.


Benefits for OP cooperative bank's owner-customers

As an owner-customer, you will get a discount on your policies and also receive OP bonuses.

Cover against unpleasant surprises and help with veterinary expenses

A horse can be a trusted friend whose well-being is close to the heart. Pohjola Horse Insurance always includes Animal Insurance and Animal Liability Insurance. Your Horse Insurance can also include medical treatment expenses insurance for veterinary expenses in order to ensure that your horse receives fast access to good treatment in the event of illness or injury.

What does horse insurance cover?

Animal Insurance provides cover if your horse dies or is euthanised due to illness, accident, foaling or stillbirth. Animal Liability Insurance, in turn, covers losses suffered by third parties for which the horse’s owner, carer or keeper is liable for compensation by law.

Medical treatment expenses insurance is available in two options, and the more comprehensive policy covers, for example:

  • veterinarian bills,
  • bandaging and medication prescribed by a vet,
  • X-ray and laboratory examinations, and
  • daily hospital charges if the horse must be treated at a veterinary clinic.

You can also choose a less comprehensive medical treatment expenses insurance, which covers the basic veterinary expenses of illnesses and accidents specified in the terms and conditions.

Insurance for foals, mounts and trotting horses

Horse Insurance provides coverage for ponies, competitive horses and non-competitive horses. The policy can be taken out for foals from the age of just 10 days. Horse Insurance is granted to a horse or pony that is less than 16 years old.

A less comprehensive Horse Insurance, covering only accidental death, disappearance or theft, and general liability insurance can also be granted to an older horse that is nevertheless under 22 years old. Horse Insurance expires at the end of the insurance period during which the horse reaches 22 years of age.

Horse insurance provides comprehensive cover for both illnesses and accidents. The price of horse insurance depends on what kind of coverage you choose.

Hannu Partanen Product Specialist, Pohjola Insurance

A health declaration for Horse Insurance can be submitted online

Like all our Animal Insurance, Horse Insurance is granted based on the animal’s state of health. Submitting a health declaration for your horse is easy at

Horse Insurance can often be granted even if the horse is not fully fit. The decision is always made on the basis of the health declaration.

Horse Insurance compensates the treatment of illnesses that started after the policy was taken out, and also accidents. You get the most comprehensive coverage if you take out Horse Insurance when the horse or pony is still young and healthy.

Does it pay to have a horse insured?

Our most comprehensive horse insurance covers the horse for both accidents and illnesses. With the insurance, you can ensure fast treatment for your horse without having to worry about high veterinary costs. A horse or pony should be insured when they are still young and healthy to get the most comprehensive cover.

Autovakuutus henkilöautolle
Car insurance for passenger cars
Miehet vaeltamassa turvallisin mielin, kun terveysvakuutus on kunnossa.
Health insurance for an adult
A horse’s medical treatment expenses insurance in the event of illness or accident can be taken out for a horse aged between 10 days and 15 years. Animal insurance that only covers accidents can be taken out for a horse that is aged between 10 days and 21 years. Both the more comprehensive and limited insurance cover expires at the end of the insurance period during which the horse reaches 22 years of age.
Horse insurance is valid in the Nordic countries and temporarily, continuously up to a year, also in other EU countries, the UK, and Switzerland.
As a Pohjola Insurance prime customer you will receive discounts benefits. When you are also an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you have access to even better benefits and discounts and the bonuses you have received as an owner-customer are used for your insurance premiums.

The insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.