Coronavirus test and insurance

This is where you find information about getting tested for coronavirus and Pohjola Insurance’s health and travel insurance policies that cover testing costs.

How to get tested for coronavirus

If you suspect that you have contracted coronavirus, go to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s website for the latest information about the virus and how to get tested.

  • Evaluate your symptoms in the Omaolo service. In some cities and towns, you can schedule a coronavirus test on the basis of your symptoms. If this is not possible for your town, the service will give instructions on how to book the test. Testing is free through public healthcare providers.

Pohjola Health Advisors can also help. Pohjola Health Advisors are experienced nurses who provide help and advice in the event of illness or injury. They can book you an appointment with one of Pohjola Insurance’s partner GPs and get the ball rolling with your claim. Pohjola Insurance’s extensive network of partners guarantees fast access to treatment through either a remote or an in-person GP appointment.

The Health Advisor service is free for Pohjola Insurance’s customers and available every day of the year between 07.00 and 23.00. Calls are charged at the standard local network rate or the mobile network rate determined by your Finnish carrier. 

The Pohjola Health Advisor service is provided by Pihlajalinna Lääkärikeskukset Ltd. The insurance services are provided by Pohjola Insurance Ltd.

Does insurance cover the costs of the coronavirus test?

We cover the costs of coronavirus testing from health insurance if

  • the insured person has symptoms of Covid-19 infection and
  • the coronavirus test is performed on the basis of a doctor’s or a nurse’s referral and
  • you have insurance that covers the costs of coronavirus testing. Our policies that cover coronavirus testing are listed below.

The costs of coronavirus testing are not covered if the person is asymptomatic or has been exposed to the virus but shows no symptoms. Nor does the insurance cover antibody tests for Covid-19, coronavirus tests performed on travellers or the costs of a Covid-19 certificate for an asymptomatic person.

Coronavirus testing and personal health insurance

Coronavirus testing is covered under the following personal health insurance policies:

  • Health Insurance’s Medical Treatment Cover if the scope of cover is Accidents and illnesses.
  • Health Insurance’s Cost Cover, Doctor’s fees and examination expenses if the scope of cover is Accidents and illnesses.
  • Medical Treatment Expenses Insurance, Medical Treatment Insurance and Medical Expenses Insurance.
  • Medical expenses insurance policies transferred from Suomi Mutual.

Coronavirus testing and policies taken out by employers or businesses to cover healthcare costs

Coronavirus testing is covered under the following employers’ or businesses’ health insurance policies:

  • Plus Health Insurance
  • Super Health Insurance

The coronavirus test IS NOT covered by the following Health Insurance taken out by the employer or company:

  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
  • Extra Health Insurance

Comprehensive Health Insurance and Extra Health Insurance do not cover the examination and treatment of generally hazardous communicable diseases. For this reason, examination and treatment expenses for coronavirus, or a coronavirus test, will not be covered under these policies.

Your occupational health care provider may also offer sampling for the coronavirus. Follow the instructions of your employer and occupational health care provider.

Read instructions and see what corporate insurance policies cover in other situations related to the coronavirus.

Travel insurance policies and the coronavirus test

Coronavirus testing is also covered under some travel insurance policies. To claim reimbursement for the cost of a coronavirus test performed by a private service provider, the policyholder must have coronavirus symptoms and the test must be performed on the basis of a doctor’s or a nurse’s referral.

Coverability under Pohjola Travel Insurance requires that the symptoms have begun during travel and the person has sought treatment within 14 days of the end of travel at the latest.

Other traveller's insurance products (e.g. Corporate Travel Cover; Traveller’s Insurance, no longer sold, Easy Traveller's Insurance and Pohjola’s Fixed-term Traveller's Insurance) may provide flexibility with respect to the 14-day deadline in the case of some communicable diseases with a long incubation period.