Home insurance

Home insurance protects your home and home contents. Home insurance protects your home structures, parts of a flat, and movable property in case of, for example, water damage or fire. Pohjola Insurance’s home insurance in suited for all homes, as you can adjust the coverage and deductibles to your needs and type of home. Choose your home type below, read more about home insurance, calculate price and buy easily online. You can also learn more about valuables insurance and home insurance for buy-to-let homes.


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                                                Mies seisoo kerrostalon parvekkeella
Mies soittaa kitaraa erillistalon keittiössä
Separate house
Vuokranantaja rentoutuu olohuoneessa
Lessor’s insurance
Äiti ja lapsi peuhaamassa omakotitalon olohuoneessa
Detached house
Lapsi leikkii paritalon pihalla
Semi-detached house
Nainen ottaa kuvaa arvotavaravakuutetulla kameralla
Valuables Insurance
                                                Naiset juovat kahvia rivitalon keittiössä
Terraced house
Nainen uimassa mökillä
Holiday home
Nainen kasvien lomassa
Insurance for stored property


How much does home insurance cost?

The price of home insurance is determined by your home, your own details, and the coverage and deductibles you choose. Go to our webshop and give the necessary details, and we will recommend a policy to you, and quote a price. After that, you can still tailor the details to meet your exact needs before buying the policy online.

Looking for affordable home insurance? Keep in mind that the cheapest home insurance policy may not offer the cover you need in the event of a loss and could leave you worse off. We recommend that you pick and choose a custom home insurance policy that is genuinely affordable and helpful also in the event of a loss. In this way, your home is protected by truly affordable home insurance.

We recommend that you compare home insurance policies at regular intervals

Home insurance is often one of your most important insurances and therefore we recommend that you ensure sufficient coverage from time to time. When comparing home insurance policies and looking for the best option for your needs, however, it is also good to take into account other factors than just the price. These include the coverage included, maximum compensation and deductibles and services that complement coverage of your home. For example, if you compare home insurance policies to your future flat, you should ensure that the maximum compensation is sufficient both in terms of fixtures and movable property.

Once you have all the details of your home you are insuring, you can compare home insurance prices with various covers and maximum amounts of compensation easily in our webshop. You can also change the deductible flexibly depending on the level of risk you are willing to take. Did you know that as our owner-customer you will receive a deductible benefit of up to 200 euros and you may not have to pay any deductible at all. The deductible benefit concerns fire, natural phenomenon and crime losses in which the amount of loss exceeds the deductible you have chosen. When comparing home insurance policies, you should also examine carefully the benefits offered to you – especially if you want to compare prices.

A word about terminology Pohjola Insurance’s MyHome Insurance and Extrasure

Pohjola Insurance’s home insurance is called MyHome Insurance. The insurance name is the same whether you insure a flat, terraced house, semi-detached house, detached house, summer cottage or a villa. When you insure your home with Pohjola Insurance, the contract is an Extrasure contract. Extrasure contains all your policies to do with living, health and property, while Vehicle Cover contains all insurance policies for vehicles.

Extended or limited home insurance?

Pohjola Insurance does not have any predetermined extensive or limited home insurance. You can choose the coverage to meet your exact needs as you like. We offer five covers, and if you take them all, your home will have the widest possible coverage. We recommend that you insure your home from floor to ceiling to get the best possible coverage.

Home contents insurance for movable property

The value of movable home contents may be difficult to estimate accurately. When considering a suitable amount of maximum compensation for your home contents insurance, it is good to remember that as a rule, it covers all property that travels with you when moving home. It is, therefore, useful to estimate how much your home contents would cost if you were repurchasing them right at this moment, and set the maximum compensation for home contents insurance to match this sum, taking into account age reductions. Home contents insurance covers movable property such as furniture, clothes, cookware and tableware, consumer electronics such as phones and TVs, hobby and sports gear and various valuables up to the selected maximum compensation.

When calculating the premium for your home insurance, we recommend a home contents insurance with per-loss maximum compensation for your movable property that is based on your net floor area. If your movable property is more valuable than average or includes valuables such as expensive jewellery or artworks, you may need a home contents insurance with a higher sum of maximum compensation.

Fixed household appliances and electronics covered under home insurance

Home insurance protects fixed appliances, such as dishwashers and refrigerators. In addition to your belongings, be sure to also insure the fixed parts of your flat or house. If a household appliance is broken, you can apply for compensation under your home insurance to repair it or to buy a new one. When you insure your home contents, it also covers your mobile phone, tablet or laptop against breakage, getting wet or being stolen. Please note that home insurance coverage depends on what coverage you have chosen for the flat, building and movable property.

Home insurance during construction or renovation

When building or renovating your home for your private use, you can insure the building using the same coverage and deductibles as if the job was already completed. If you are building or renovating using voluntary work, remember also to insure the voluntary workers. The insurance covers voluntary workers both during such work and on journeys directly to and from the place of work.

Home insurance also covering luggage?

Did you know that our home insurance sometimes also covers your luggage?  When you travel in Finland or within the other Nordic countries, MyHome Insurance covers your luggage for up to EUR 5,000 if you choose a deductible of at least EUR 150. But do remember to buy separate luggage insurance if you travel outside the Nordic countries or if you take along anything more valuable. Luggage insurance is good also because you can buy it without a deductible.

Pohjola Claim Help will assist you with home losses

Look in Pohjola Claim Help for instructions for various home losses. Pohjola Claim Help will also list any Pohjola Insurance repair shop partners that can assist you, and give instructions for filing a claim. Did you know that as a Pohjola Insurance customer, you do not necessarily have a file a claim every time, as many repair and loss matters can be processed directly by our partners?

Pohjola Claim Help serves our customers 24/7 and now you also have our latest recruit, Viljo the loss robot, at your disposal.