Death benefit under life insurance

We are very sorry for your loss. If your deceased friend or family member had life insurance, see the instructions on this page about how to apply for death benefit based on life insurance. You can file a claim if you are a beneficiary.

Applying for death benefit

Use the claim application below. Download the claim application, fill it in, add the required attachments and send it to us. Each beneficiary must give their contact information and account details on the form.

Certificates required for the claim application

Please also send the following certificates to help us process your claim:

  • An extract — concerning the insured person — from the population register, issued after the date of death.
  • The death certificate, if the insured person died in an accident.
  • Extracts from the population register concerning the beneficiary or beneficiaries named in the beneficiary clause.

If the beneficiary is a relative of the insured, evidence of family relationship must be included in the extract from the population register. If the next of kin are named as beneficiaries in the beneficiary clause, please provide us with a copy of the report on family relationships — covering the period since the deceased person was aged 15 — obtained for the estate inventory.

If the beneficiary clause names the next of kin as the beneficiaries, in accordance with the Finnish Code of Inheritance half of the benefit will be paid to the surviving spouse (if the insured was married) and half to the insured person's heirs. If there is no widow/widower, the amount will be equally divided between the direct heirs. If there are no direct heirs, the entire sum will be paid to the widow/widower. If the insured person did not leave a surviving spouse or any direct heirs, and the beneficiary clause names the next of kin as beneficiaries, parents, siblings and other relatives will be considered next of kin.

The beneficiary clause takes precedence over a last will and testament. If the beneficiary has a death estate, the last will and testament may affect the distribution of insurance compensation. In such a case, the insurance compensation will belong to the deceased person’s assets distributed in accordance with Finnish family inheritance laws.

Send the application to the insurance company

Send the completed claim application and required certificates to the address:

OP Life Assurance Company Ltd
Death Benefit
P.O. BOX 308
FI-00101 Helsinki

Alternatively, you can attach the application to a message on OP's service or deliver it to the OP cooperative bank branch of your choice.

Payment of compensation

Benefit is paid when the death benefit application and required attachments have been processed. The benefit amount is divided into portions in accordance with the beneficiary clause and paid into the bank account specified by each beneficiary.

Any benefits for a legally incompetent person will be paid in the manner notified by their legal guardian. Notification of benefits paid will be sent to the guardianship authorities.

For further instructions and guidelines on making claims applications, please call the OP Life Assurance Company on 010 253 6106 (Mon–Fri, 8-16.30).

                                                Life insurance is security for the future and particularly important when you have a family or debt.
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