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Product Protection Insurance

Free insurance for owner-customers on goods purchased with an OP credit card

Free 180-day insurance for your purchases

The insurance is valid automatically when paying with an OP credit card using either the credit or debit function.


Protection against theft, mishaps and damaged products

Your card purchases are insured against damage or theft for six months from the moment of purchase.


The insurance also covers purchases made abroad or online

Product Protection Insurance insures your card purchases everywhere, whether in Finland, abroad or online.

Product Protection Insurance protects your card purchases from mishaps

Accidents happen to all of us from time to time, from dropping a phone on the floor to spilling coffee on a laptop. Fortunately, Product Protection Insurance protects credit and debit purchases made with an owner-customer credit card against mishaps for six months.

Product Protection Insurance is free of charge and comes ready with all owner-customer OP-Visa, OP-Visa Gold, OP-Visa Platinum and OP-Mastercard credit cards

The insurance is also valid for joint cards when the principal cardholder is an owner-customer.

The insurance cannot be bought separately.

Covers your purchases abroad and online

Product Protection Insurance covers your purchases paid with credit and debit facilities in Finland, abroad and in online stores. The insurance covers purchases that conform to the terms and conditions for 180 days from the time when the card-holder acquires the item.

Product Protection Insurance may provide cover, for example, if your brand-new spectacles get broken, your new tablet falls to the floor or ground and gets broken or the screen of your mobile phone is damaged.

The deductible is 75 euros, and the maximum compensation for each item is 2,000 euros.


In the event of loss or damage, file a loss report

If the product is defective, contact the seller. If the product breaks down for any other reason, file for compensation from Product Protection Insurance.

File a loss report in OP-mobile or op.fi. You can also report the loss by calling our Claims Settlement service line.

Learn more about filing a loss report 


Insurance benefit for owner-customers

By becoming our owner-customer you are entitled, in addition to the Product Protection Insurance, to, for example, daily banking services at a lower cost and you earn value-for-money OP bonuses which offset banking service charges and insurance premiums. You can also buy, sell and switch many of our funds at no charge.

Note that the Purchase Protection Insurance linked to OP-Visa credit purchases has been terminated on 31 December 2017..

Differences between Product Protection Insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance (see product descriptions and Terms and Conditions for more details):





Purchase Protection Insurance
(will cease to exist on 31 December. 2017)


Product Protection Insurance
(effective as of 1 January 2018)


Cards issued by OP that include the insurance

OP-Visa Credit/Debit combination card, i.e. OP-Visa Gold and OP-Visa Platinum

OP-Visa Credit/Debit combination card, i.e. OP-Visa, OP-Visa Gold or OP-Visa Platinum, or an OP-Mastercard

Insured person

Purchase Protection Insurance applies to principal and joint cardholders of the cards above. Those insured may be private individuals only.

Product Protection Insurance applies to principal and joint cardholders only when the principle cardholder is an OP Cooperative bank's owner-customer. Note that the principal cardholder must be an owner-customer already when he/she has come into possession of the purchased item. Those insured may be private individuals only.

The insurance is valid for the following payments

Purchase Protection Insurance: credit payments

Product Protection Insurance: credit and debit payments

Purchases covered by the insurance

Purchase Protection Insurance covers purchases for private use worth at least 40 euros, such as:

  • home electronics appliances including televisions, computers, cameras and mobile phones
  • various domestic appliances and hobby equipment

For a maximum of 180 days from the date when you have received the purchased product.

Product Protection Insurance covers the same products as Purchase Protection Insurance (see next column) but the purchase price must be at least 75 euros.

Purchases not covered by the insurance

Purchase Protection Insurance does not cover the following purchases:

  • foodstuff and other perishables
  • jewellery, gemstones and clothes
  • live animals or plants
  • motor vehicles, their parts, equipment and accessories
  • cash, foreign currency, traveller's cheques, travel tickets and securities

The purchases excluded from Purchase Protection Insurance cover (see next column) also apply for Product Protection Insurance. Also, data, files or software on the computer hardware are excluded from Product Protection Insurance cover.

Losses excluded from cover

Purchase Protection Insurance does not cover the following losses:

  • Loss caused by theft, the exact time, circumstances and place of which cannot be determined
  • loss caused by the object disappearing or being left behind
  • loss of or damage to an object caused by breakage resulting from a defect in the object or from the incorrect use of the object
  • loss or damage caused by wear and tear, scratching, chafing, corrosion or other comparable gradual phenomenon
  • loss or damage indemnified under a specific law, guarantee or other agreement.

In addition to the losses not covered by Purchase Protection Insurance (see next column), Product Protection Insurance does not cover:

  • loss or damage to sports equipment occurring while being used for its intended purpose, except where the loss or damage is caused by negligence of a third party
  • loss or damage caused by a pet through chewing, tearing or scratching, or loss or damage caused by a pet's secretions
  • loss or damage caused to computer hardware, when the loss or damage is due to malfunction, faultiness or non-performance of data or software.

Deductible in compensation situations

40 euros

75 euros

Product Protection Insurance is issued by Pohjola Insurance Ltd. The cards are granted by OP Card Company Plc.