Prepare for unexpected expenses

Make sure that you have cash to cover day-to-day expenses.

There are many ways to prepare for surprise expenses or changes in income.

  • Save enough money for a rainy day
  • Get flexibility with a credit card or unsecured loan
  • Track your finances and remember to use repayment holidays

Save when paying with a card

With OP's digital Money Box, you save whenever you pay with an OP card. You choose how much you save. You can get started with just one euro per purchase, for example.

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Flexibility and security with a credit card

Applying for a credit card 

By choosing a credit card with a sufficiently high credit limit, you have money to spend in case something unexpected happens. 

With a credit card, you can pay purchases in instalments that suit your finances. When paying by credit card, you also get an interest-free payment period of 35 days on average. 

When applying for the card, think about what kinds of large or sudden expenses could come up if a household appliance or a vehicle breaks down, for example.

Check out OP's range of credit cards

Increasing the credit limit

You can also raise your current credit limit. No additional fee is charged for raising the credit limit, and the price of your credit card will remain the same. You can raise your credit limit yourself on OP-mobile or

Please note that your credit limit is not the same as your card’s spending/withdrawal limits. You can set lower or higher spending/withdrawal limits for your card on OP-mobile or whenever necessary. Keep in mind that when shopping online, a credit card is always the safest payment option as under the Consumer Protection Act, credit purchases are protected in case something happens.

Change your card’s credit limit and spending/withdrawal limits

A correctly set credit limit helps in unexpected situations

With an unsecured loan from OP, you can replace a household appliance or TV that suddenly breaks down, for example. An unsecured loan is also suitable when buying a car. It's advisable to always apply for unsecured loans safely from your own bank.

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Changes to loans – apply for a repayment holiday or grace month

Your loan's repayment plan has room for flexibility if needed. In addition to changing your loan instalment and due date, you can apply for a repayment holiday or grace month.

Repayment holiday for a home loan, student loan or bank loan

You can apply for a repayment holiday for your home, student or bank loan, during which you only pay the interest on the loan. You cannot apply for a grace month for a home, student or bank loan.

Apply for a repayment holiday 

Grace month for unsecured loans 

You are entitled to one grace month a year on your unsecured loan. During the grace month, you do not repay the loan principal or pay interest. The grace month is free of charge, and it is the same month every year. You cannot apply for a longer repayment holiday of the loan principal for an unsecured loan.

Change your repayment plan

The financing is granted by OP Retail Customers Plc or OP cooperative bank, depending on the financing product.