Home loan

Loan for a home, holiday home or buy-to-let home

Apply for a home loan easily online

You can apply for a home loan if you want to buy or build a home or buy a plot. The home can be a permanent home, holiday home or a buy-to-let home. We advise you to apply for a home loan well in advance: request a loan offer already when you're just planning a new home.

If you're not yet an OP customer, you can use another bank's user ID to apply for a home loan.

Owner-customers get OP bonuses on home loans

If you're an OP cooperative bank's owner-customer, your home loan will earn you OP bonuses worth up to hundreds of euros. Your earned OP bonuses can then offset some or all of your banking fees or insurance premiums. You will also get benefits for banking and investment services and insurance.

Protect your finances against surprises

Life and the world around you may change suddenly, but you can prepare for surprises by protecting your loan. Interest rate cap and cover against unemployment or critical illness will bring security to your finances.

Apply for home loan or consent to joint application


To apply for a home loan, you need an online bank user ID. If you don’t have a user ID with any bank, our Customer Service will help you. Contact our Customer Service

Steps in getting a home loan

  1. Fill in a home loan application online
    If you’re applying for a loan together with another person, state it in your application. After you have sent the application, the other applicant needs to give their consent to it using the link above on this page.
  2. We will contact you 
    Our specialist will discuss the loan with you, including collateral required for the loan. If everything is fine, we will issue a preliminary loan offer to you – in some cases already before our call. The offer shows the loan amount you could get if you have collateral accepted by the bank. 
  3. Tell us when you find the home you want to buy
    We'll check the particular home's details and make sure it can be used as collateral for your loan.
  4. You will get a loan offer that is binding on the bank. You can then make your purchase offer on this home!
"Can I get a home loan if...?" To find out, just fill in a home loan application. It will not obligate you in any way!

Transfer your loans to OP

When did you last make a home loan comparison? Compare your current loan with OP's loan offer. Requesting our offer is free and will not obligate you in any way. Just fill in a loan application and we will contact you soon. To request our offer online, you can also use another bank's user ID.

Apply for a home loan

Apply for a home loan

Home loan forms, terms and conditions

Loan Terms and Conditions (pdf)
Terms and Conditions of Pledge as of 14 Dec 2017 (pdf)
Guarantee Terms and Conditions as of 14 Dec 2017 (pdf)
Pledge Details, form (pdf)
Guarantor information form (pdf)

The home loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.

Example calculation: Home loan is a one-off loan. Let's look at a home loan where the loan amount is 170,000 euros. The loan term is 20 years. The loan margin is 1.00%. Calculating with the 12-month Euribor of 2.679% (valid on 17 Oct 2022), the effective interest rate of this home loan will be 3.871%. In addition, a loan servicing fee of 2.50 euros will be charged each month. When the loan is drawn down, a one-off origination fee of 680 euros will be charged. The estimated total cost of the loan is 242,835,33 euros.

In this calculation, we assumed that the entire loan was drawn down at once, that the loan interest rate, fees and charges stay the same throughout the loan term and that the loan is repaid in equal payments of 1010.71 euros every month. The home loan is granted by an OP cooperative bank.