Applying for a student loan at

To apply for a student loan, you’ll need OP’s user ID.

You can apply for a student loan at only with OP’s user ID. 

If you want OP’s user ID, become our customer.

You can apply for a student loan at a bank branch. Before doing so, we recommend calling our customer service so that your we can serve you as smoothly as possible. You can view our customer service information here.

Owner-customer benefits

Our owner-customers earn OP bonuses through the student loan too. In addition, all our owner-customers aged less than 26 years receive the following benefits, for example:

  • A student loan with no origination fee if you file your application on the service.
  • A current account for free.
  • OP-Visa, OP-Visa Debit or OP-Visa Electron card for free.