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OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer membership

– for your life

OP bonuses

As an owner-customer, you will earn OP bonuses. They are used to cover, for example, your banking service charges and insurance bills – which can even end up being paid in full by OP bonuses.

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Discounts on banking and insurance services

As an owner-customer, you receive discounts on banking and insurance services and OP Home real estate agent services.

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Benefits by our partners

As an owner-customer, you are among the first to redeem both benefits provided by your local OP cooperative bank’s partners and nationwide benefits given to all owner-customers across Finland. Find the benefits offered by our partners on OP-mobile!

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Life – good reason to invest

As an OP cooperative bank’s owner-customer, you now get new benefits on savings and investment. Make use of lower trading fees and free-of-charge book-entry account because starting investing may be the most lucrative decision in your life.



Becoming an owner-customer and member contribution

Your current customer relationship and any user ID in your use affects you becoming an owner-customer.

  • If you are an OP cooperative bank’s customer and have OP’s user ID, you can become an owner-customer by logging into the service. Become an owner-customer
  • If you are an OP cooperative bank’s customer but you do not hae OP’s user ID, start by booking an appointment Book an appointment
  • If you are not an OP cooperative bank’s customer but you have another bank’s user identifiers and are interested in becoming an OP cooperative bank’s customer, become our customer online Become our customer easily online

Membership cooperative contribution

When joining us, you will pay an ordinary cooperative contribution as a one-time contribution, no other payments exist. In most banks, the amount of the membership cooperative contribution is 100 euros. You can find the amount of the membership cooperative contribution on the owner-customer application and in your OP cooperative bank.

If ever you decide to stop being an owner-customer, your membership contribution will be refunded to you in full. The cooperative contribution will be refunded after one year has lapsed from the end of the financial year during which the owner-customer membership was terminated.

Who can become an owner-customer?

Any person, entity or foundation using OP Financial Group’s services, irrespective of their nationality, can become an owner-customer.

Child as an owner-customer

A child can become an owner-customer. All guardians of the child sign together their underage child’s application for an owner-customer membership. By doing so, the parents also give their consent that their child will begin to earn OP bonuses.

If the membership contribution is paid using proceeds of the child’s own work, the child can him/herself sign the membership application and pay the membership contribution.

Owner-customer terminates the membership

The owner-customer has, at any time, the right to terminate their owner-customer membership by informing their OP cooperative bank of this in writing. The owner-customer membership termination date is the date on which the OP cooperative bank has received the termination notice.

Death of owner-customer

An owner-customer membership will terminate on the death of the owner-customer. In the distribution or partition of the deceased person’s estate, the death estate can transfer the deceased person’s owner-customer membership, generally either to widow/widower or heir.

OP owner-customer membership is a valuable and unconventional gift that keeps on giving. It is a perfect present for birthdays, graduations and confirmations regardless of age.