Owner-customer benefits

As our owner-customer, you’ll get the best benefits and discounts on banking and insurance transactions. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of OP cooperative banks’ partners. Read about the owner-customer benefits and start using them today!

OP bonuses to owner-customers

As our owner-customer, you earn OP bonuses through your transactions with us – up to hundreds of euros a year. With OP bonuses you can, for example, pay for insurance premiums and the costs of the services you use.

Benefits for owner-customers on daily finances

As our owner-customer, you use our daily banking services at lower cost and benefit from the following benefits, for example: 

  • You get OP eServices, a current account, and OP-Visa for €2.95 per month (normally €5.65).  
  • If you are under 26 years, you get our daily banking services and OP-Visa Debit or OP-Visa Electron for free.
  • Product Protection Insurance is free of charge for owner-customers. It covers your card purchases for six months from the time of purchase throughout the world, also in webshops. 

Benefits for owner-customers on loan services

  • When you take a home loan, you can get a long-term fixed interest rate for your loan when you’re OP’s owner-customer.
  • For students, we provide a student loan without an origination fee. 

Benefits for owner-customers on saving and investment services

  • The subscription, switching and redemption fees of nearly all funds are free of charge for our owner-customers. 
  • When you increase your investment assets, you’ll get OP Investment Partner as your contact person, and comprehensive market information to support your decision-making. 
  • There is a 1% fee ceiling for owner-customers on equity trades via the op.fi service.

Benefits for owner-customers on insurance services

When you hold insurance policies from three product lines, or from two product lines if you’re over 70 years, you get the following benefits:

  • 7% off home and other property insurance, personal insurance, continuous travel insurance and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies 
  • An 8% additional discount on Super, Standard or Maxi Motor Insurance with no-claims bonus 
  • A 40% increase in the sum insured under life insurance 
  • For 18-to-27-year-olds, a 21% discount on most home and family insurance policies

Owner-customers also get a 3% additional discount on most insurance policies and a deductible benefit of up to 200 euros for MyHome Insurance, for fire damage, natural phenomenon loss or crime.

Benefits for owner-customers on real estate agency services

As OP’s owner-customer, you get a 250-euro discount on the real estate agent commission (VAT included).