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Good deeds across time

The Good Deeds Across Time campaign offers a way for you, the owner-customer, to have a say on your local OP cooperative bank’s sustainability actions. In the survey, you can choose an activity you consider important and would like your bank to support.

We will build a sustainable tomorrow together. We make a real difference by carrying out sustainability actions chosen by our owner-customers. Out of love for Finland. 

43,000 OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers influenced their own cooperative bank’s corporate responsibility work

This autumn too, OP cooperative banks asked their owner-customers what kind of corporate responsibility actions they should take. Supporting hobbies for children and young people and supporting employment and education for young people emerged as the most important themes in the responses of the owner-customers of all OP cooperative banks. This was the second survey with a total of 43,000 responses to OP cooperative banks.

The campaign was first organised in autumn 2021, with 40,000 owner-customers responding to the survey. OP cooperative banks took the responses into consideration when choosing local sustainability actions. The choices offered in the survey are based on OP Financial Group's sustainability programme.

We will build a sustainable tomorrow together

The themes for 2022 were:

Improving financial literacy among children and young people

Managing personal finances is a key life skill. We provide financial literacy training to children and young people in the form of visits by OP cooperative banks to schools and education institutions, for example.

Supporting hobbies for children and young people

Every child and young person has the right to discover the joy of hobbies. By supporting sports clubs and associations, we make hobbies accessible to more children and young people. 

Supporting employment and education for young people

Young people need positive experiences from working life. OP cooperative banks support the employment of young people through the Summer jobs paid for by the OP campaign, for example, in which non-profit associations receive funds to offer summer jobs for young people between ages 15 to 17.

Providing training on digital skills for those needing special support

Digital skills make taking care of daily finances easier and safer. OP cooperative banks provide digital training for older people and other groups.

Supporting biodiversity

Biodiversity is a prerequisite for life and a functioning economy. We can improve biodiversity locally by supporting associations that prevent invasive species and conserve endangered species, for example.

Combating climate change

Climate change is a challenge shared by us all. We can combat climate change locally by improving energy efficiency and investing in renewable energy sources, for example.