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Equity Services

Progressive, smart and easy

Inexpensive and diverse

We offer a diverse and comprehensive range of services to all savers and investors always at an inexpensive price. All services are of course also available as mobile services.


Progressive, smart and easy

Thanks to our progressive and highly intelligently automatic SOR service you always have the opportunity to aim for the best price for your equity trade.


Finnish high-quality equity research

Our comprehensive and high-quality Finnish equity research is at your disposal and our nine acclaimed and award-winning experts provide equity recommendations and target prices for almost 90 listed companies.

As a user of OP’s electronic equity services you get access to services such as

Extensive and award-winning Finnish equity research services, which include different analyses, recommendation and target prices for almost 80 Finnish listed companies.

Diverse custody and reporting services that help you get up-to-date information, for example, on the performance of your equity portfolio as well as reports for tax purposes.

Extensive range of state-of-the-art tools to monitor and analyse stock prices and to make orders.

With OP you get the chance to trade in thousands of different shares from up to 14 stock exchanges around the world. You will also have a highly extensive range of ETF products available to you. One of the best in the market, our ETF search engine will let you find the product you are searching for quickly and easily from a range of over 2,000 ETF products.
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A suitable service package for savers, investors and active traders

Our services for equity investors consist of two different packages depending on the trading activity and needs of the investor. Whether you are a saver or investor, we offer just the right services for you.

If you trade less actively and extensive high-quality basic services are enough for you, we recommend the saver service package, which includes one free-of-charge custody and our very extensive equity research, among other things.

If you trade, for example, weekly or more often and also like to follow the stock market in real time, we recommend you the extensive investor service package, which can also be implemented, for an additional fee, with real time market information that is more extensive than the basic package.

Smarter equity trade

The trade methods of shares have differences. The trading fee alone does not always tell who is most inexpensive broker. At OP we always use intelligent Smart Order Routing technology for trading shares.

With our automatic, progressive SOR service you will always have access to alternative trading platforms and the likelihood of you always getting the best possible price for your trade increases significantly.

A large proportion of securities trading has transferred from traditional stock exchanges, such as the Helsinki Stock Exchange, to alternative trading platforms. When you have access to alternative trading platforms, the market liquidity, i.e. the number of shares being bought and sold, is almost twice as high as if you only traded on the traditional stock exchanges.

OP's electronic stock brokerage fee is based on a percentage fee which is a minimum of three euros. The more active trader you are, the lower is the percentage fee – the fee is 0.05 percent at its lowest.

Owner-customers have automatic access to the second fee level on the brokerage fee list, in which case the brokerage fee is 0.18%.

Each executed order is always subject to a minimum fee, which is 3–18 euros depending on the fee level and trading venue where the order is made.