In focus: our equity investment services

Less costlier and smarter equity investment

Smarter equity trade

The trade methods of shares have differences. The trading fee alone does not always tell who is most inexpensive broker. At OP we always use intelligent Smart Order Routing technology for trading shares.

With our automatic, progressive SOR service you will always have access to alternative trading platforms and the likelihood of you always getting the best possible price for your trade increases significantly.

A large proportion of securities trading has transferred from traditional stock exchanges, such as the Helsinki Stock Exchange, to alternative trading platforms. When you have access to alternative trading platforms, the market liquidity, i.e. the number of shares being bought and sold, is almost twice as high as if you only traded on the traditional stock exchanges.

Equity investing at a low cost now also on international markets

The charges and fees of international stockbroking were updated on 1 April 2017. The minimum price of international orders on the online service will now be EUR 12 per realised trade (previously 12 or 18 euros, depending on the market venue). The percentage prices are the same as for Finnish equities.

We have also increased investors’ choices in international investment by increasing the number of available market venues. In the future, you can trade in equities on 14 trading venues. We have opened Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Canada as new trading venues.

We also lowered custody charges for foreign equities. Starting from the beginning of April, there are no longer minimum fees and in the future the custody charge will be 0.1 % of the value of international equities (formerly 0.123-–0.151%, minimum €2/month).

Currency exchange fees for equity investment have also been lowered. Currency exchange of non-euro-denominated trades is always automatic and you do not have to worry about currency exchange. Currency exchange charge accounts for 0.3 per cent of the transaction price