Campaign benefit of equity trading for owner-customers

Did you remember that an OP cooperative bank’s owner-customers can with low cost trade in equities with a small amount too?

As an owner-customer, your maximum trading fee for trading in Finnish equities (Helsinki and Stockholm) is always one per cent (1%). For example, you will pay only a trading fee of €1 for a 100-euro order.

If you have not yet made direct equity investments, now it is easy and worthwhile to start learning to do so with small amounts.   

The owner-customer benefit is effective until 30 August 2021. The benefit applies to all owner-customer trading fees according to the list of charges and fee effective since 1 September 2019. Read more about the list of charges and fees for trading in equities

How to start investing in equities?

Investing in equities generates the highest returns in the long term. Investing in listed companies is actually an excellent way of making your money grow.

However, the threshold for starting investing in equities may be high – it is considered difficult and many people think that it needs a large amount of initial capital. In fact, starting it is easy and buying shares at and on OP-mobile goes swiftly. That buying shares with a small amount of money is no longer expensive makes it easier to start investing in shares.

To start investing in equities, you will need an investment service package that you can activate at The package enables you to trade in equities, use equity research, and you will be opened a book-entry account and securities custody account.

If you have OP eServices user identifiers, you can activate the investment package at that suits you best. Please contact your nearest OP cooperative bank if you have not made an OP eServices Agreement and want to open a book-entry account.

Transfer your equities custody to OP

Would you like to transfer your securities custody to OP from another custodian? Then, before the transfer, ask your current stock broker the purchase prices of your shares and submit them to your own OP cooperative bank to be updated in our system. Please prepare for an interruption of 5 business days in your equity trading.