OP-Europe Rising Stars

OP-Europe Rising Stars is our new mutual fund investing in European equities. It offers a more favourable way of investing in growth potential of SMEs on a more diversified basis.

  • Europe has thousands of small listed companies, among which are numerous future market leaders and major corporations.
  • The fund provides an opportunity to become involved in the development of SMEs in the whole of Europe.
Subscription fee Annual management fee Redemption fee
0,75 % 1,80 % 0,75 %

Agreements under a systematic investment plan are not subject to subscription fees. Fund units generate OP bonuses.

Europe has thousands of small listed companies, among which are numerous future market leaders and major corporations. SMEs have higher growth potential than large ones, and academic studies have found them often to produce higher equity returns. People pay less attention to small listed companies than large ones, so professional investors miss many rising starts until they have grown large. At that point, they may already have spent their best return potential.

The fund provides an opportunity to become involved in the development of SMEs in the whole of Europe. The high long-term return potential in this corporate segment provides long-horizon investors with an interesting enhancement to their investment portfolio. For example, technological leadership, innovativeness or fast growth of the industry provides an opportunity for a considerable value appreciation even within a short period of time. High return potential also involves higher price volatility. The price performance of the equities of SMEs may differ significantly from the general equity market price performance.

Read the portfolio manager's review on the fund's Finnish pages.

OP-Europe Rising Stars (Fund) is an equity Fund which invests its assets mainly in the equities of small and mid-cap companies in the European equity market. The equity-linked instruments’ share of the Fund’s value may vary between 75% and 105%. The Fund basically has 100‒150 equities but the number may vary depending on the market situation and the view of portfolio managers.

The Fund mainly invests directly in equities.

The Fund may invest in standardised and non-standardised derivative contracts in order to hedge against the risk of adverse market movements, to replace direct investments and to otherwise promote effective portfolio management. The Fund's
portfolio management makes investment decisions on the basis of the prevailing market view at the time. The Fund’s investment decisions specifically highlight the portfolio manager’s view of individual companies.

The Fund's benchmark index is MSCI Europe SMID Cap. With active investing, the Fund seeks to outperform its benchmark index in the long term. The Fund mainly takes notable active risk and it may differ significantly from the composition, weights and risk level of the benchmark index.

Read more about fund’s responsibility on the fund’s Finnish pages.
More details Basic data, performance and fact figures

Basic data

Fund manager
Joonas Hämäläinen, Juha Asikainen
Benchmark index
MSCI Europe SMID Cap
Start date
fund serie
Accumulation unit
Fund size
241 Meur
Serie value (04.05.)
127,05 EUR
Monthly review

Accumulated profit (03.05)

1mth 3mth 6mth 1 y 3 y p.a. 5 y p.a.
OP- Europe Rising Stars A +2,84 % +10,94 % +31,18 % +42,43 % +4,10 % +7,24 %
Benchmark +2,54 % +8,60 % +30,23 % +45,49 % +9,09 % +10,35 %

Yearly performance

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 YTD
OP- Europe Rising Stars A −3,67 % +15,18 % −18,28 % +26,87 % −2,74 % +13,57 %
Benchmark +0,82 % +16,38 % −14,30 % +30,60 % +4,40 % +10,63 %

Key figures

Volatility 12 m vola 12m Sharpe 12 m Duration
OP- Europe Rising Stars A 16,94 % 2,54 -
Benchmark index - - -

Owner-customer benefits as of 1 January 2021

  • Book-entry account and custody €0: Custody of Finnish and foreign shares and ETFs without monthly charges. 
  • Buy and sell fund units €0: Buy, sell and switch nearly all of our funds without costs and earn OP bonuses by investing in mutual funds.*
  • Discount on share trading: Brokerage fee 0.17% (at least €7), maximum trading fee for Finnish shares and ETF products 1% until August 2021.
  • New benefit: Equity analyses €0: Free equity and market analysis.
  • Benefits of saving through insurance: Take out an insurance policy, switch between investment instruments and transfer funds free of charge. Earn OP bonuses from unit-linked insurance assets.

*No OP bonuses will accrue from the R2 Crystal Fund nor from institutional series of funds.

OP bonuses

In addition to OP bonuses earned through saving and investment, owner-customer earn bonuses from

  • loans
  • funds in accounts
  • purchases you have paid with the OP-Visa credit
  • insurance premiums for home, family and motor vehicle policies.

From 1 November 2020, OP bonuses will accrue from:

  • home loans, secured bank loans, student loans
  • savings and investment accounts
  • mutual fund units and unit-linked insurance
  • non-life insurance bills

The change on 1 November 2020 means that no OP bonuses will accrue from:

  • deposits in current accounts
  • unsecured consumer loans (Flexible Consumer Credit, Special Consumer Credit, One-off Credit and Overdraft Facility)
  • OP hire purchase
  • Purchases paid using OP Visa as a credit card, the balance of credit with interest of OP-Visa and OP-Mastercard cards

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.