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Investing in mutual funds – better return on your assets

Investing in mutual funds is easy and you become easily involved in equity markets to seek higher returns. Now it has become even more attractive as we have stopped charging mutual fund purchase and sales fees from our owner-customers.

Mutual funds help you achieve your targets

Investing in mutual funds suits you if you want to earn better returns in the longer run, appreciate simplicity, flexibility and tailored options. You want an investment expert to manage your investments and you can conveniently track their performance on the online service.

Whether it is about funds in your account or assets you have already invested in mutual funds, it pays to give a thought every now and then to returns you may have received or your personal saving target. You can always switch the fund to another one or start investing in a new fund alongside the existing one. As our owner-customer, you can now buy, sell and switch almost all of our mutual funds with no charges.

Choose an easy and simple saver's fund

You can find a fund that best suits your needs when you first think of your investment horizon and how much risk you are ready to tolerate. However, you can easily get started and become involved in equity markets when you choose one of our saver's funds.

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Other fund options

There are several options for investing in mutual funds. If you already know the principles of investing in mutual funds and want to choose a suitable fund, you can do that via the related link below.

By using our savings calculator, you can easily see the fund recommended to you.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

  • You can make a lump-sum investment in the fund of your choice.
  • In the longer term, the expected return on mutual funds is better than on the account.
  • Investing in a mutual fund is easy and safe. You can also make an agreement for the systematic investment plan for mutual funds in which case an agreed amount of money will transfer from your account to the fund you have chosen and money will grow all by itself.
  • You can start investing in a mutual fund even with a small amount of money, say, 10 euros a month.
  • If you unexpectedly need the money, you will have access to it quickly.

If you have a dream and you need some savings to make it come true, saving money systematically is an excellent option.

OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.