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Invest in apartments, real estate and forest

Thanks to our funds you can start even with a small amount!

Easy residential property, real estate and forest investment

Through our funds you can invest in residential property, real estate and forest easily, conveniently and without a large initial capital.


Steady rental and forest income

Real estate and forest holdings offer steady returns based on rental and forest income and are therefore less vulnerable to market movements.


Diversification benefits for your investment portfolio

Funds that invest in residential property, real estate and forest provide a low-risk investment option with return expectations higher than in bond markets and lower risk than in equity markets.

It pays to diversify investments

Forests grow and apartments and real estate accrue rental income also when stock markets are in turmoil. This is why real estate and forest funds have traditionally been one of the cornerstones of professional investors’ investment portfolios. For retail investors and savers, however, it has been difficult to access them. Now, thanks to OP’s residential property, real estate and forest funds, anybody can diversify their savings versatilely outside traditional equity and fixed-income investments.

Now you can start even with a small sum

OP funds investing in real property do not have minimum subscriptions, so you can start investing with any sum you want.

Investing through real estate and forest funds is convenient and requires no previous investment experience from the investor. Funds investing in real estate and forest are suitable for long-term investors seeking steady cash flow and versatile diversification.

You can subscribe for and redeem OP-Rental Yield, OP-Public Services Real Estate and OP-Forest Owner fund units four times a year: in March, June, September and December, on the last day of the month. Exceptionally, real property funds may not be subscribed for in June, so the following subscription date will be 30 September 2020.

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