Säästä 5 % tuloistasi

Save 5% of your income

Have you ever calculated how much 5% of your monthly income is in euros? If the amount were, say, 30 euros and you invested automatically the amount in a fund every month, how much would the saved amount be a year? How about in five years' time, considering the return generated on the assets?

Investing is pleasant and easy when you make it automatic. By investing in a mutual fund every month, you will be closer to your potential target. You can always also make a lump-sum investment in the fund if you happen to have some extra cash in your account. 

Building wealth does not happen overnight. Time and long-termism are the mutual fund investor's best friends. Be patient, let time pass and make your saved capital grow.

Take the following steps and start investing systematically in a mutual fund

  • Check your take-home pay and calculate 5 per cent on it.
  • Choose the fund that suits you best.
  • Make a mutual fund investing contract
  • Fill in: 
    • your monthly savings amount 
    • tick: Invest regularly too
    • select the investment interval
    • the debiting date and 
    • the account to be debited on the selected date 
    • click: Accept
  • Your journey towards prosperity can begin.

How can I choose a mutual fund that suits me?

When choosing between funds, think of what kind of an investor you are. How long a time you would like to invest, what your return target is and what your risk tolerance is like.

  • OP-Moderate from among our funds is a good choice for conservative and moderate investors or if your investment horizon is shorter.
  • If your objective is to invest on a longer-term basis and with an income-seeking approach, OP-World is a good choice.
  • Take a look at our extensive range of mutual funds as well. You can always invest systematically in our other funds too. 

It's easy getting started with investing in mutual funds. You can do so anywhere and anytime on your online service.

OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.