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Secure your own and the environment’s future – start socially responsible investing

Mutual fund benefit for owner-customers

As an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, you sell, buy and switch between all socially responsible funds without fees. Use your benefit and save for the things that matter to you! 

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Socially responsible investing is about exerting influence

By investing in socially responsible companies, you direct funding to companies that play a key role in preventing global threats. At the same time, companies that operate in socially irresponsible ways are pressured to change their practices.


Focus on sustainable companies increases the funds’ return potential

Socially responsible business practices affect a company’s value and share price. Preventing global threats creates new business opportunities. Social responsibility equals profitable business, which is also reflected in the investments’ returns.


There are many ways to pursue socially responsible investing

Through our funds, you can invest in, say, curbing climate change, securing clean water or building a low-carbon society.


Make use of owner-customer benefits

As our owner-customer, you sell, buy and switch socially responsible funds at no charge.

Social responsibility creates new return potential

Socially responsible investing does not mean giving up good return potential, because companies that do business in socially responsible ways have at least as good opportunities as other companies to generate added value to investors. Socially responsible business practices decrease business risks and directly affect a company’s value and share price. When companies take into account, for instance, environmental and human rights issues, the investor does not need to worry about a possible loss of reputation and its effect on their investments’ return.

Socially responsible investing need not be based on a value judgement but can also be based on purely financial grounds. Global issues, such as climate change and prevention of the water crisis, create new business opportunities. For instance, supplying renewable energy, developing energy-efficient solutions and securing adequate water resources are profitable businesses to many companies. When the demand for their products increases due to changes in consumer habits and legislation, the companies included in the fund will be at an advantage. This will also be reflected in the investments’ return.

Find the socially responsible fund suitable to you

Our socially responsible funds consider ethical aspects and the principles of sustainable development in their investment decisions. OP-Sustainable World is a fund highlighting ethical aspects and easy and simple investing. This fund invests in equity and fixed-income markets, so it is suited to investors seeking moderate returns. OP-Low-carbon World is suited to investors who wish to invest in any low-carbon footprint sector.

Our environmentally themed socially responsible funds invest in companies whose products and services play a key role in preventing global threats. These can include social or environmental threats, such as lack of clean drinking water leading to a humanitarian crisis, or climate change. OP-Clean Water and OP-Climate offer investors a genuine opportunity of contributing to the solving of global issues.

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