Sijoita Suomeen

Invest in Finland – make your money grow in the Finnish way

What all could we achieve together if we invested more in Finnish companies, apartments, public services real estates and forests? Find your fund from among Finland's largest domestic investment options.

Invest in Finnish equities easily
OP-Finland Index is a cost-effective index fund through which you can invest in the Finnish equity market on an extensive basis and at low cost.
Invest in small Finnish growth companies
With the OP-Finland Small Cap fund, you will invest easily in small Finnish growth companies on a diversified basis.
Become easily a residential property investor
A residential property fund enables you to invest in housing units and real property without large amount of initial capital.
Return from Finnish equities
OP-Finland's portfolio contains the most interesting Finnish companies with the most attractive return potential.
Book-entry account and investment service package
Open a book-entry account and investment service package and start investing.
Steady return from Finnish forest
OP-Forest Owner offers professional forest management and steady return with ease.
Steady rental yield from Finnish real estates
OP-Public Services Real Estate invests its assets in nursing home property and public services real estates with a long-term lease.
Discover the gems of Finnish micro caps
OP-Finland Micro Cap Fund (non-UCITS) provides an effective way to invest in a diversified manner in carefully selected Finnish micro-cap companies.

Remember that investment always involves risks. The value of investments can rise and fall, and an investor can lose part or all of the money they invest. OP funds are managed by OP Fund Management Company Ltd, with OP cooperative bank acting as its agent. Normal transaction costs are charged for the following special common funds: OP-Public Services Real Estate, OP-Forest Owner, OP-Rental Yield and OP-Alternative Portfolio special common funds.