Saving through insurance

Save in a way that best suits you

Flexible way to start saving and investing

You can select several investment vehicles for your insurance. You can change them free of charge any time, and thus decrease or increase the risk level of your investments.


Make use of the benefits of saving through insurance

Tax will not be levied on income from switching investment vehicles at the time of the switch. You only pay taxes when you withdraw funds from your insurance.


Save according to your life situation

Based on your life situation, you decide yourself how much you save or invest and when you use the money. For example, you can invest in the insurance on a monthly basis or invest a larger amount at a time.


Support of OP cooperative bank’s investment experts available to you

You can select your investment vehicle yourself or you can get personal recommendations from us, if you like.

Should I start saving through insurance?

You make a living, though you would feel safer if you could increase your savings for the coming years. You manage your financial matters, though monitoring investments or share trading are not at the centre of your life. Saving through insurance may be exactly the right solution for you.

It is a form of investment in which you can be very active, completely passive, or alternate between these. You can grasp opportunities offered by a specific point of time, change funds or add new funds, or just let your savings develop on their own. When saving through insurance, you can change funds without tax consequences. If you are an OP cooperative bank owner-customer, your savings generate OP bonuses for you.*

*The following investment products linked to the insurance assets do not bring OP bonuses from 1 April 2022: OP-Venäjä A, JPM Russia A, JPM Emerging Europe Equity Fund and BlackRock GF Emerging Europe Fund A.


Multiple benefits of saving through insurance

Intended for long-term saving and investment, saving through insurance is an easy and flexible way to invest that conveniently adapts to different life situations. 

You can select several investment vehicles from our wide range to your contract. Investment vehicles provided by the insurance company include mutual funds, investment baskets and bonds. Tax will not be levied on income from the insurance when switching investment vehicles but it will generate additional income during the entire saving period. If your plans change, you can withdraw funds before the end of the insurance period. You can monitor the value performance of your investments and easily switch investment vehicles on the service and OP-mobile.

OP Unit-linked Insurance
A form of investment in which you can be very active, completely passive, or alternate between these.

Vuodenvaihde lähestyy. Siksi nyt on hyvä aika tarkistaa eläkevakuutukseesi jo tähän mennessä maksetut maksut ja varmistaa, että laskutus on toteutunut suunnitelmasi mukaisesti.

Mikäli et ole vielä käyttänyt 5000 euron verovähennysetua täysimääräisesti, voit vielä maksaa lisämaksuja tämän vuoden puolella. Jotta vakuutusmaksut huomioidaan vuoden 2022 verotuksessasi, maksujen tulee olla maksettu OP-Henkivakuutus Oy:n tilille viimeistään vuoden viimeisenä pankkipäivänä, perjantaina 30.12.2022.

Huomioithan, että mikäli laskusi eräpäivä on joulukuun 31. päivä, maksu kirjautuu vakuutukseen vasta tammikuun 3.päivä 2023. Maksun eräpäivän muutoksen voit tehdä kätevästi tai ottamalla yhteyttä Osuuspankkiisi.

Mikäli sinulla on kysyttävää eläkevakuutuksesi maksuihin liittyen, saat lisätietoa puhelinpalvelustamme numerosta 010 253 6100 (arkisin 8-16.30). Voit myös varata ajan oman Osuuspankkisi asiantuntijalle. 

Terveisin, OP-Henkivakuutus Oy 

Owner-customer benefits as of 1 January 2021

  • Book-entry account and custody €0: Custody of Finnish and foreign shares and ETFs without monthly charges. 
  • Buy and sell fund units €0: Buy, sell and switch nearly all of our funds without costs and earn OP bonuses by investing in mutual funds.*
  • Benefits from equity trading: 
    • A 1% brokerage fee cap on Finnish and Swedish shares and securities – shares, warrants and ETFs.
    • Brokerage fee 0.05–0.17, i.e. the more you trade, the lower your trading costs. The benefits mentioned above are available on OP-mobile, OP Business mobile and at (in Finnish for personal customers).
  • New benefit: Equity analyses €0: Free equity and market analysis.
  • Benefits of saving through insurance: Take out an insurance policy, switch between investment instruments and transfer funds free of charge. Earn OP bonuses from unit-linked insurance assets.**

*No OP bonuses will accrue from the R2 Crystal Fund nor from institutional series of funds.

OP bonuses

In addition to OP bonuses earned through saving and investment, owner-customer earn bonuses from

  • loans
  • funds in accounts
  • insurance premiums for home, family and motor vehicle policies.

From 1 November 2020, OP bonuses will accrue from:

  • home loans, secured bank loans, student loans
  • savings and investment accounts
  • mutual fund units and unit-linked insurance
  • non-life insurance bills

The change on 1 November 2020 means that no OP bonuses will accrue from:

  • deposits in current accounts
  • unsecured consumer loans (Flexible Consumer Credit, Special Consumer Credit, One-off Credit and Overdraft Facility)
  • OP hire purchase
  • Purchases paid using OP Visa as a credit card, the balance of credit with interest of OP-Visa and OP Duo cards

OP bonuses are used for the bank’s service charges and insurance premiums.

**The following investment products linked to the insurance assets do not bring OP bonuses from 1 April 2022: OP-Venäjä A, JPM Russia A, JPM Emerging Europe Equity Fund and BlackRock GF Emerging Europe Fund A.

You can log into the online service for saving through insurance using your own bank’s online user identifiers. To log in, select Log in and choose Other authentication methods. After you log in, you will find your pension and endowment policies in the section > Savings and investments > Saving through insurance.

Key Investor Information Documents are available from Investment prices page.

OP Unit-linked Insurance and OP Savings Contract are intended for OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers. If you want to save through insurance but you are not yet an owner-customer, you can become the one here.

If you already have OP Unit-linked Insurance, you can easily and quickly make an additional investment online. Make an additional investment in your OP Unit-linked Insurance.

The insurance policy is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Cooperative banks act as agents for OP Life Assurance Company Ltd.