Vakuutussäästämisen tuotteet

Products under saving through insurance

Easy way to save on a long-term basis

Flexible way to start saving and investing

You can select several investment vehicles to your contract. You can anytime switch investment vehicles in your insurance and this is how you can decrease or increase the risk level of your investments.


Make use of the benefits of saving through insurance

Tax will not be levied on income from switching investment vehicles at the time of the switch. You will pay tax only when you withdraw funds from your insurance.


Save according to your life situation

Based on your life situation, you decide yourself how much you save or invest and when you use the money. For example, you can invest in the insurance on a monthly basis or invest a larger amount at a time.


Support of OP cooperative bank’s investment experts available to you

You can select your investment vehicle yourself or you can get personal recommendations from us, if you like.

Multiple benefits of saving through insurance

Intended for long-term saving and investment, saving through insurance is an easy and flexible way to invest that conveniently adapts to different life situations. 

You can select several investment vehicles from our wide range to your contract. Investment vehicles provided by the insurance company include mutual funds, investment baskets and bonds. Tax will not be levied on income from the insurance when switching investment vehicles but it will generate additional income during the entire saving period. If your plans change, you can withdraw funds from the insurance before the end of the insurance period. You can monitor the value performance of your investments and easily switch investment vehicles on the service and OP-mobile.

Products under saving through insurance

We have two products for saving through insurance – OP Unit-linked Insurance and OP Savings Contract. OP Unit-linked Insurance is an endowment policy which includes death benefit cover. In case of death, savings in your insurance are paid to the beneficiaries you have appointed. OP Savings Contract is a capital redemption contract which has no insured person. In case of death, the contract as such is transferred to the decedent’s estate. 

When you want to start investing through insurance, please book an appointment with our investment expert. You will together with our investment expert choose a saving-through-insurance product and you will make payment plan that suits your needs. You will also get personal advice from us on choosing investment vehicles, if you like.

OP Unit-linked Insurance and OP Savings Contract are intended for OP cooperative banks’ owner-customers. If you want to save through insurance but you are not yet an owner-customer, you can become the one here.

If you already have OP Unit-linked Insurance, you can easily and quickly make an additional investment online. Make an additional investment in your OP Unit-linked Insurance.

The insurance policy is issued by OP Life Assurance Company Ltd. Cooperative banks act as agents for OP Life Assurance Company Ltd.