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Fund calculator – this is how you calculate expected return on investments

Our old fund calculator is now part of our savings calculator. It enables you to calculate how much you could save through investing.

The fund calculator integrated into the savings calculator helps you compare what the expected return on the amount of your investment is and what type of an investment vehicle would suit your situation and objectives.

With the savings calculator, you can easily test the effect of the expected return on risk. Also test how the saving period affects expected returns – when the horizon becomes longer or shorter, the return and risk level change.

Based on the information you have given, the calculator shows the option favoured by savers like you.

Please note, however, that the expected returns shown by the calculator are no guarantee of the fund’s future return and the fund’s previous performance is no guarantee of its future performance.

Risk is always associated with mutual fund investments that is shown varying fund returns. The calculator does not take account of investment risk and it serves neither as an investment recommendation or advice.

If you are familiar with investing in mutual funds, you can also choose a fund that meets your needs.