Savings calculator is an easy tool to calculate expected return on investments

The savings calculator is a tool that you can use to easily and quickly calculate how much you could save through investing. The calculator enables you to compare expected returns based on different investment amounts and to find the mutual funds that best suit your situation and goals.

Choose your monthly amount you like to invest, initial investment and investment horizon

Start calculating by telling how much you could contribute each month. Then you should specify in the calculator

  • initial investment
  • investment horizon
  • what your return target is.

The savings calculator enables you to test and compare expected returns on investments made in different mutual funds and the effect of the savings method and investment horizon on the return on investments.

The calculator offers savings accounts with a low amount and low risk and investing in mutual funds with a higher amount and risk.

The calculator shows expected return and the risk level

Based on your choice, you will see the expected return and risk level as you fill in information requested.

The expected return and risk-level scale shows in what risk category the fund is included based on its historical value fluctuation. Higher risk usually generates higher returns. Risk categories are 1 very low, 2–3 low, 4–5 average, 6–7 high.

You can invest from the calculator directly in the mutual fund

Based on the information you have given, the savings calculator shows the option favoured by savers like you.

Please note that the calculator is no investment recommendation or advice but each customer must personally assess how appropriate the product concerned is as an investment.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of investments and return on investments may fall as well as rise.

Our fund calculator is part of our savings calculator

Our old fund calculator is now part of our savings calculator – you no longer need several calculators to find out how much you could save through investing and how different amounts invested and the investment horizon affect expected returns and risk. At the same time, you can also find investment vehicles that best suit your situation and goals.

Are you familiar with investing in mutual funds?

If you are familiar with the principles of investing in mutual funds, you can also choose a fund that meets your needs.