Nuoret sängyllä läppäreillä

Soon 26? Time to prepare for changes

What should all young people know about banking services? What are the things that could help you chase your dreams, buy a home and take care of your daily finances?

When you’re aged 25 you can enjoy our benefits for young people and use banking services free of charge for one more year. When you turn 26 your services will be subject to a charge. Click here to check out your local OP cooperative bank’s list of service charges and fees. As an owner-customer you’ll get the best possible services at competitive prices in the future as well. 

Owner-customers enjoy benefits

As an owner-customer you’ll get discounts on our banking services and insurance policies, and will have access to a broad range of benefits offered by our partners. Most banking and insurance transactions, including loans such as home loans, ASP loans, student loans and as well as savings, investments generate OP-bonuses. Your earned bonuses will be automatically used for paying banking fees and insurance premiums.

It always pays to save

What you put aside when you’re young will be waiting for you when it’s time to make the big future purchases and start realising your dreams. It always pays to save, and you may already be able to put some of your monthly income aside. If you place a part of your income automatically into, say, a mutual fund, you will accumulate wealth without even noticing it. Even the smallest of sums will grow into a nice amount over the years when saved monthly. Have you calculated how much money you could put aside each month or tested our fund calculator?

As an owner-customer you are entitled to a fund benefit that allows you to buy, sell and switch the majority of our funds with no separate charges. Savings also generate OP bonuses.