OP’s expert investment advisors help both novice and seasoned investors

Saving and investing is a good choice in all stages of life, irrespective of your age, life situation or the amount of your income or wealth. Our expert investment advisors are here for you whenever you need someone to talk to and help you find the most suitable ways to save and invest.

If you are planning to save a specific sum for, say, travelling, home improvement and housing or retirement, or are thinking about building wealth in general, a good first step that will take you to your target is to start saving systematically or invest your existing assets. Most likely you’ll notice that this is an easy step to take and that the results will be both positive and far-reaching.

Expert investment advice free of charge, with no strings attached

Should you have any questions about how to get started with saving and investing or about your existing investments and their development, don’t hesitate to turn to OP’s investment experts.

When we meet for the first time we’ll conclude an OP Savings and Investments Agreement, which is free of charge to you. After signing this agreement, you’ll be able to use OP’s investment services.

In this meeting we’ll also make you an investor profile that will give you a clearer picture of your financial situation and your targets as an investor. If you want, you can make the investor profile before the meeting on the 

or OP-mobile. Completing it is easy and will only take ten minutes.

We will also discuss your needs and draft you a personalised plan for building wealth. The investment meeting is free of charge to you and does not oblige you to make any purchases. You’ll decide whether or not you want to take our advice.

OP Private at your service

When your financial wealth exceeds 100,000 euros, OP Private is a reliable and responsible partner for managing your wealth. We’ll make you a personalised plan for your investment assets. Our experts will also ensure that affairs related to you and your loved ones' finances and prosperity are in the best of care.

Your personal investment manager takes care of your wealth comprehensively and acts as your expert investment advisor. Our electronic services on OP-mobile and together with Finland’s most extensive network of branches ensure that you can, as an OP Private customer, manage your transactions easily and conveniently.

Using OP Private services always requires a separate agreement with your own OP cooperative bank. You’ll reach OP Private’s experts at this bank, or by calling us at 0100 5110.

Investment meeting online or face to face, whichever suits you best

Contact us to arrange a meeting of your choice, whether online, over the phone, or in person at our bank branch. You can, for example, take part in an online meeting comfortably in your own home. How you communicate with our experts is always your choice. That being said, if you are not yet OP’s customer, we hope to meet you for the first time at our branch. Book an appointment by calling our service number at 0100 0500 or 

You should prepare to spend at least an hour discussing your investments. If you like, we can also walk you through OP’s digital investment services at this meeting. Later, you can take care of your investments yourself on or OP-mobile if you want.

Saving and investing is a smart way to prepare for the future and ensure a more comfortable lifestyle. We’ll help you find the ways to save and invest that suit your targets and life situation best. Contact us, and OP’s experts will be at your service.