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Five reasons why it pays to invest in mutual funds

Instead of keeping money in a zero-interest account, it pays to invest in instruments with higher expected return. Read five reasons why it pays to invest in mutual funds.

1. In mutual funds you can achieve returns on your assets

Account interest rates have been zero for a long time, so you need to look elsewhere for returns. In mutual funds, your assets are invested in bond and equity markets, which have a higher expected return than bank accounts in the long term.

2. Investing is easy and you can start with even a small amount

An easy way to make the money grow is to invest regularly a certain amount in a mutual fund. Many of our customers have chosen systematic monthly investing. You can start monthly investing at any time and with an amount that suits you. You can get started with a lump-sum, too, if systematic investing isn’t possible right now.

3. Everyone can find a suitable fund

The savings calculator helps you compare what type of an investment vehicle would suit your situation and objectives. Saver’s funds are easy mutual funds to which you can conveniently transfer surplus funds in your bank account. If, on the other hand, you seek higher return and are a long-term investor, one of our equity funds could be suitable to you. Via mutual funds you can save and invest as one-time subscriptions too, for example in housing units and forest.

4. Mutual funds are managed by experts and risks are diversified

Mutual funds are easy and ready investment packages. OP’s highly experienced investment experts are in charge of managing the portfolios. Furthermore, risks are diversified as the fund’s assets are invested in tens, or even hundreds of vehicles. If the value of one investment declines, another can return more at the same time and keep the overall return positive. So you can enjoy your savings grow without concern and leave managing your assets to the professionals.

5. Investing in mutual funds is easy and flexible – if necessary, you can cash in your money quickly

Mutual fund investing adapts flexibly to your life situation. You can change your monthly investment amount, put your saving on hold or change the funds you invest in. You can redeem your holdings if you need the money and receive it in your account usually on the following banking day.