Kuvassa OP Talousvalmentaja ja valmennettava istuvat pöydän ääressä ja seuraavat hymyillen valmennettavan edistymistä taloudellisessa hyvinvoinnissa.

OP Financial Coach

Control your personal finances with a personal coach

A picture of your financial situation and clearer goals

You will learn to understand your finances as a whole and what you can achieve.


A personal coach by your side

OP Financial Coach is there to help and guide you in person. The coaching does not include sales of OP’s products or services.


A good grip on your personal finances

During the coaching, you will learn to make concrete plans that help you fulfil your dreams.

What is financial coaching?

OP Financial Coach guides you towards a better grip on your personal finances and spurs you towards a better financial condition. OP Financial Coach enables you to understand your financial situation as a whole. You will also understand how high you can set the bar of your financial goals and dreams. The goal of the coaching is harnessing your finances so that you can make your dreams come true.

Financial coaching is a chance to stop and take a look at your personal finances. Confidential conversations with OP Financial Coach form the basis of coaching. For those, you need to be prepared to share your exact financial details. Three meetings are included in the coaching. Prepare for the meetings by analysing your situation independently, with the support material given by the coach. The meetings will deal with the following topics:

  • Assessing your current situation and balancing your personal finances

  • Financial skills and setting goals

  • Results monitoring and future plans

A personal coach by your side

OP Financial Coaches are experts in everyday finances working at your local OP cooperative bank. Your personal coach is objective and encouraging when coaching you. With OP Financial Coach, you navigate onwards together, guided by your goals. By talking about your situation, you will together find the most suitable means and tools for you. The coaching does not involve sales of OP’s products or services.

At the end of the coaching, you are the one in control of your personal finances. You will see a significant improvement in your financial wellbeing.

The following OP cooperative banks offer guidance by OP Financial Coach: Etelä-Karjala, Oulu, Oulainen, Suur-Savo, Tampere, Turun Seutu and Tornio. Sign up for your OP cooperative bank’s coaching.

For owner-customers, the coaching fee is 49 euros, for others 139 euros.

The service is provided by OP cooperative banks.

During the training, my thoughts about money, finances, saving and investing changed radically. I got a lot of information on how to continue towards my goal.

Heli Oulu