Start saving

Whether your goal is big or small, it always pays to save. You can get started even with a small amount.

How much could you save?

Take a moment to think about your finances and spending habits. How much could you put aside after necessary expenses and still have enough money for your daily life? Remember that saving doesn’t have to mean the same as scraping by. It’s not always possible to put money aside, but if you have even a little extra, it’s worthwhile to save it. 

In mutual funds your assets will generate income

Account interest rates have been zero for a long time, so you need to look elsewhere for returns. In mutual funds, your assets are invested in fixed income and equity markets, which means that mutual funds have a higher expected return than zero-interest bank accounts in the long term.

Save regularly

Saving is easy and effortless when you make it automatic. Many of our customers invest regularly in mutual funds. OP’s mutual funds don’t have a minimum subscription amount, so you can become a mutual fund investor even with a small amount. If systematic investing is not an option for you, you can also make one-time fund subscriptions. 

Mutual funds are managed by experts

Mutual funds are an easy and convenient way of investing, as experts manage your investments for you. Furthermore, risks are diversified as the fund’s assets are invested in tens, or even hundreds of vehicles. If the value of one investment declines, another can return more at the same time and keep the overall return positive.

Mutual fund investing adapts to your life situation

You can change your monthly investment amount, put your saving on hold or change the mutual funds you invest in. If you need to withdraw your assets, you can redeem your shares of a mutual fund. The money will be transferred to your account within one banking day. 

Many customers start with Saver’s funds

Saver’s funds are easy mutual funds to which you can conveniently transfer surplus funds in your bank account. It’s also possible to invest regularly in them. They provide you with a diversified investment vehicle, and an expert will manage your investment in the mutual funds. 


OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.