Why to start saving – This is how you get started

Whether your goal is big or small, it always pays to save. You can get started even with a small amount of money – making the decision to start saving is the key. Read our tips on how you can succeed!

“I decided I would not eat out more often than once a month. This way I will save 50 euros each month. I will use these savings next summer to go travelling around Asia with my friends. “ Elise Tamminen, student

Saving money is a very good way to manage your personal finances and make your money grow in the long term. It is also good to prepare for unexpected expenses – they don’t always come at a suitable time.

An easy way to make the money grow is to invest regularly a certain amount in a mutual fund. Mutual fund assets are invested in bond and equity markets, which have a higher expected return than bank accounts in the long term.

Starting to save is easy

1. Decide to start investing

Take a moment and think about your own money, both accrued deposits and monthly income. Could you place some of it in mutual funds to seek returns? The monthly amount could be, say, 30, 50,100 or 200 euros. You can get started with a lump-sum, too, if systematic investing isn’t possible.

2. Take a look at our funds

Many of our customers start saving with Saver’s funds because it is easy to select a fund that suits your risk tolerance and they are intended for regular saving. If you wish to invest all of your assets in equity markets, index funds are a cost-effective investment option. Book an appointment for an online meeting if you want support in selecting funds.

3. Buy mutual fund units

After you have chosen a fund, select either Save regularly or Buy fund, depending on if you wish to make a one-time subscription or start making monthly investments, in which case your selected amount will automatically be debited to your account once a month.

4. Track you investments

Mutual funds form an easy and convenient way of investing as experts manage your investments for you. Whenever you want to follow the performance of your fund investments, go to Mutual fund holdings under Savings and investments at or on OP-mobile. You can sell your fund units anytime if you unexpectedly need the money.

Many customers start with Saver’s funds

The Saver’s funds OP-Conservative, OP-Moderate and OP-Brave are easy mutual funds to which you can conveniently transfer surplus funds in your bank account. They provide you with a diversified investment vehicle, and an expert will manage your investment in the mutual funds.

Saver's funds do not have a minimum subscription amount, enabling you to begin even with a modest amount. When time goes by, the regularly saved sums will add up to a nice amount.


OP Fund Management Company Ltd manages OP mutual funds.