Vanhempi ja lapsi

The right services for your child from an early age

Every parent wants to provide their child with only the best at all times and situations. Besides the love and care you provide to them every day, remember to secure their finances for the future.


The basis for a child’s banking is their first bank account into which godparents and grandparents can easily deposit money gifts. It’s much easier to manage the child’s finances through a bank account. As your child grows, a current account is a good way to practice spending and saving, and you can link the child’s first card into the account. As an OP customer, you can open an account conveniently online.

Save for a child in a mutual fund

It’s rewarding to see how savings grow in tandem with the child. Investments made in mutual funds since the baby’s first months will grow into a nice amount over the years. These assets will come in handy later on when the child begins an independent life and expenses start to grow. You can make a systematic investment plan for mutual funds easily online.