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OP Flexible Car

OP Flexible Car is your choice if you’re looking for reliable and flexible motoring. OP Flexible Car is ideal as a second car, holiday car or whenever you need a car for a few months. You can order an OP Flexible Car online, and it will be delivered the next day to your doorstep anywhere in Finland. Following the first month of rental, you can return the car at any time.

How does the OP Flexible Car concept work?

1. Order online
Choose a car from op-kausiauto.fi and pay the first month’s rent.

2. Car delivered to your doorstep
We will deliver the car the following weekday to any address in Finland.

3. Return when it suits you
Keep the car for as long as you like and return it whenever you no longer need it.

The OP Flexible Car website shows all the models available, gives answers to frequently asked questions and offers help through a chat service.

The service is provided by Pivo Wallet Oy.

Owner-customers get a 10% discount of the monthly rental prices.