Nainen makaa riippukeinussa rannalla ulkomailla.

Financing a trip

It is possible to make the perfect trip a reality. Everything begins with good planning.

Saving is the best option, if you have dreamed of a specific trip for a while now and are able to put aside some money for the trip bit by bit. If, however, you get suddenly bitten by the travel bug and have not saved up a travel fund, you should carefully consider the different financing alternatives. Asking for consumer credit from your own bank is always more sensible than taking an expensive quick loan.

On credit to Svalbard

The scenery of Svalbard still remains clear in the mind of Päivi Melto, although it has been a while since her trip. The taxi driver from Joutseno had been planning to go on a physically challenging trip for a long time, considering travelling to Kilimanjaro, among other places. However, a single newspaper advertisement swung her plans to an entirely different direction.

– The advertisement was looking for participants in an Arctic skiing expedition to Svalbard. I sent a reply that same evening, and on the next day, the organiser welcomed me along, Melto describes.

For two decades, now, Melto, her husband, and her friends have gone on hikes in Lapland. This trip was a bigger deal, however, and Melto decided to apply for a loan from the bank in order to finance her dream.

– If I had had to save up the entire sum from scratch, it would have taken maybe ten years, Melto says.

Even earlier, bank loans had made many of her dreams possible, such as MBA studies and redeeming her inherited forestland. Melto's tip to dreamers is to draw up clear and realistic plans.

– I prepared for the loan application by calculating the budget myself quite extensively. The folks at the bank were really positive about this kind of a loan.

Buy and withdraw – conveniently and safely with your card

The card is the most convenient payment instrument overseas. Two cards will provide protection during your journey if the other card is damaged or gets lost.

You should not carry a lot of cash with you but it is advisable to withdraw the amount you need at ATMs or foreign exchange outlets in the destination. You may need a small amount of change for bus and taxi fares and tips. Some countries also have paid public toilets. Smaller shops and kiosks too may demand cash.